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I'm at RPI!
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Been here months and months, now. Current major is EMAC/Computer Science. Which is ok. I should at least try and stick with the compsci, yes? My roomie moved out a while ago, isn't going to school here anymore, is going to be going to a state school near here next year. So I've kind of got an oversized single right now. Kinda cool.

I have a girlfriend! Have for a while. Needless to say, Mom was kinda freaked out by that. Bad enough that my sister is bi. But me? *sigh* Look at the hair. Do I really look like a girl that's completely straight? And her parents are a bit odd about it too, but more in the restrictive parent way than any sort of homophobic way. They are far too cool to have that sort of attitude.
Events to consider:
Earthfest is April 24th. Hosted by WBOS. In Boston.
High School Graduation is June 6th.

if you're feeling nice go look at my amazon wishlist and send me a present, eh? do check with me first; some of those are more reminders to myself than actual "agh! i need this now!" sort of items. liking that "see other gift ideas" link as well...

Oh, hey! We all love THHGTTG, right? Well, I found a link to
the original text adventure. yeah. cool. Enjoy!

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ladywriter's page ! it's new, it's artsy, it's full of literary goodness, and it has links to quizzes! enjoy!

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