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I'm Emma
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As you know, I'm a male to female cross
dresser. My first memory of "dressing"
was at the age of about 13. I started
with my sisters and my mothers high
heel shoes and stockings. I found the
effect on me was awesome. In latter
years I progressed to dressing fully and
that was it, I was hooked.

So many people ask to see my picture
that I thought this little web site would
be the best way to to let you see me
and my lovely high heels.
My main passion is for high heels.
My currently shoe collection consists of
12 different pairs but this can change
any day depending on what I see in the
shops. All my shoes have heels that are
3 inches or higher.

Anyway thats enough chat for now, you
came here to see some pictures.

This picture was taken in October 2002, I
just love those strappy high (7 inch heel)