Yes, this page is pretty dull. It will get better, I hope.
Here's my boy:

He turned one!

Here are some earlier pictures of him, courtesy of my mom. The cats are hers.

Hm, considering he's about to turn four, I've really fallen behind here, haven't I?

How do I spend my copious (yeah, right) free time? I sing with (and perform librarian duties for) the Seattle Symphony Chorale. I also hang out on a couple of MOOs, mainly Waterpoint and Dhalgren. I also make things: knitting, quilting, tatting, embroidery. I'm attempting to learn to spin, and just started making bobbin lace. Pictures to come when I get a little more free time (or, don't hold your breath...)

Once upon a time my friend dave tried to help me find a job.

Emma Crew