My comic strip, The Adventures of Em'ma Gawd! and Anna Rexia, has been archived at:! :-)

Bad Actor Productions is currently wrapping up "Super Females!"

The Boy Trouble collection features the talented Joel Steinpreis is in it. Link: He and Craig are currently at work on a comic book featuring both Diva Athena and Diva Shiva and Em'ma and Anna! Joel was also mentioned in Out Magazine.

To read Craig Trolli's guest writing of Last Days go to:

There is now a second webpage with four more episodes, including colored versions and the infamous Stranger cover spoof:

The following pages have episodes w/ commentary.

Em'ma is a former majorette and Anna is a former ballerina. The two spend their time getting drunk and annoying local celebrities and other evil people in Seattle. The comic strip was parodied last year in The Stranger. It was also called 'a lovingly rendered (and bitingly clever) parody of this very paper' by The Stranger. An unproduced play of The Gurls' life has been written and a scene was previewed at the Little Theatre in 2003.
To read a recap of the Cutest Band in Seattle 2004, go to:
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About the Artist

Craig Trolli is a local artist who never uses a pencil to do his weekly comic. He has been drawing the comic strip since early 2001, when it was called 'Madogna'. You can read all about his life at:
He helped create the zine, Particles, Craig just created Bad Actor Productions. Their first production was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun: The Movie!: A Live Version!", a live version of the 1985 dance movie.
Em'ma and Anna, the real life performance artists, have done lip syncs of Postal Service, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even Peaches.