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Keyserlingk Ball - Dresden, May, 2002

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The Belt of Deltora

Lapis Lazuli



A lovers note

 As swift as lightning 
 As far as the sun 
 In life or in death 
 You're the only one

 The only one who truly knows 
 How I think and feel
 It's how I know that it's truly real
 You guard my heart
 and protect my soul
 You pulled me out of the deep black hole 
 that is me By using 
 earth, water and air
 you got me away from my silent lair 
 my life was hidden in a thick black cloud
 I couldn't touch I couldn't feel I couldn't see

 I couldn't go on living like this
 But it all ended with one single kiss

                              (June 2004)

The dragons fire

The trees were burning brightly
And dragons shook the ground 
The grass was  burning lightly 
And fire all around

As light began to fail
And night began to fall
The fire turned in to hail
And caves in to halls 

And in the mornings sunset
The fire was not there 
And instead of a human
Was a giant hungry bear

And every evening I was
There the fires scorched
The midnight air
That killed the eagle bird and bear 

Well fighting against fires knife
I ran away to hide my life
And as I rested by a stream
It turned out to be a dream 

                  (February 2003)


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