What is LWM/VTP Scenery anyway?
LWM: Land Water Masks
Land Water Masks is polygons that allow us to change the type of textures that FS uses. These polygons decide where to draw water and where to draw land. With the help of these polygons you can draw lakes and islands, and also define coast lines. Another thing these polygons do is setting elevation. You can fix lakes to a certain level, or force elevations to be 0 at coastlines. Another use for these kinds of polygons doesnít have to do anything with land and water. They are used to set elevations at airports to a fixed value, without actually changing land / water properties. These polygons are just invisible. The use of LWM scenery in FS2004 are mainly for airport flattens, land and water mask.

VTP : Vector based Textured Polygons
To create areas with different textures to the terrain textures you need to create VTP scenery. FS2004 uses this kind of scenery to draw coastlines (shores), roads, streams, airport background polygons, non-perennial water, and parks. You could create this sort of scenery ground polygons and lines. VTP scenery doesnít get ití own polygons; it rather gets mixed with the terrain textures. The combined textures then get put over the terrain mesh. The advantage is that you donít have conflicting polygons anymore. On the other hand, since VTP scenery is blended with the terrain textures, roads and everything else only has a final resolution of 4.8 meters. This makes roads and streams look a bit blurry at times. VTP scenery use in FS2004; airport background, bridges, coastlines, parks, roads, railroads, stream lines and utilities (poles etc).
So what it is to do with my LWM/VTP scenery add-ons
My LWM & VTP Scenery add-ons are originally focus on Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. This scenery is an enhancement of rivers and surrounding islets with accuracy. This has been a long time project, and every effort has been made to ensure the scenery is both represented realistically and efficient on performance.
Almost six months this task resides in my pending scenery project folder. At first I start with a small scenery of Tioman Island in calibration with Ibrahimís Tioman scenery then Shallow Reef (Pulau Layang-Layang) and Penang Island. After working so long with these sceneries I abruptly jump and create Brunei and Labuan finally I lost my momentums. With lots of project files from the past, I was confused which files were used for my latest project, therefore I decide to start with a new scenery session preliminary with Langkawi, Pangkor and Redang. It looks like Iím incredibly interested with islands scenery and always jump into a new creation without finish the preceding session. I would consider this is the complete Malaysian scenery subsequent to my mesh scenery project that are exclusively covered West & East Malaysia yet with the addition of Pulau Jerejak mesh.

I try every effort to include all Malaysian airports though I know some of these airports are closed or perhaps converted into other purposes.
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