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April 3, 2003
After centuries of anticipation, the HSOOMS website is up, its just unofficial because i couldn't get it endorsed by the man himself yet.
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April 5, 2003
I FINALLY FINISHED HSOOMS #4!!!!! Its actually 2 months old, check it out

I'm going to be conducting an online interview with HSOOMS in the near future! Please email me with question suggestions!
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April 7, 2003
Added new section "
HSOOMS away messages" These are official away messages i see from the man himself.

Check out
G-master Mikah J. on Delta PBS April 9th at 8pm.
April 8, 2003
I, E-Ro, am officially starting the HSOOMS fanclub, all you get for signing up is a fanclub #, the sooner u sign up, the smaller your # is. Maybe someday u'll get stuff! To sign up
quiz yourself! I'll post members soon! I promise it'll be sweet.
April 10, 2003
HSOOMS #7 is up!!!! Check it out if u have time.
Keep joining the
fanclub too! ITS E.Z.
May 2, 2003
Happy Birthday HSOOMS!!! Today he was showered with gifts. He received many
Hanson books. It included Zack Attack, and unauthorized biography.
May 3, 2003
This site is now a month old! I'd like to thanks the thousands of webdesigners that put this together! You have no idea how hard it is to tell the HSOOMS story
May 28, 2003
You've been patient but
HSOOMS #8 is here!
June 1, 2003
Read this, its a wonderful story about a touching event that I witnessed!
June 3, 2003
I made
random stuff page, just check it out
Random Stuff
June 7, 2003
Updated the
HSOOMS galleries with a fresh photo
June 20, 2003
New sweeeet photo in the
June 25, 2003
Oh yeah,
HSOOMS #9 is up!!!
but thats not all yo, i have a
short new nonHSOOMS cartoon, check it out:)
July 11, 2003
To celebrate my counter hitting 1K, i have made
HSOOMS #10, it is based on a mysterious events HSOOMS told me about, and a random drawing i received via email, which is featured in the cartoon itself, enjoy!
July 28, 2003
Check out something i saw a few nights ago ;) at the bottom of the random stuff page

July 13, 2003

Become a member of the
Join the fanclub, its easy!
Dec 10, 2003
Wow, graffiti players don't ever get the pop-culture ones.....
Nov 8, 2003
I told you there would be more, HSOOMS 13 is up!! send your bianca's to me
Nov 5, 2003
This update is for you diehard Hsooms fans out there. First I wanted to display this cartoon by DP, its really funny, and I encourage any other HSOOMS cartoons from you hsoomites out there. After all the tale of HSOOMS must be told!! Next, you may remember the original cartoon where Hsooms brings down an irate Dan Short, well in light of the anniversary of Hsooms and the sites 7th month anniversary. "HSOOMS Saves the E" has been digitally remastered!! Expect more this month
Sept 28, 2003

hmm, freetime, so i made a cartoon
HSOOMS = popular superhero.  What?? you say you've never heard of him?? Well then I'm afraid you've been watching too much CBC, douche.