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Hey and welcome to this little page of icons. Of course it doesn't have a cool layout or anything. I just threw a background on it and made the text have a colour 'cause this is just a place for me to store all of the LJ icons that I make.

To make this site a little reflecting of me, besides the pink stars and the design of the icons you will find random quotes that are in italics around this website. They are from "No Seatbelt Song" by Brand New because I was listening to that song while perfecting the site and I really like it.

Of course anyone is welcome to use any of these icons. To make it easier to figure out who uses my icons and I was too lazy to get a guestbook for this thing, just go to my LiveJournal (a.k.a. sparklypunk) and leave me a comment and let me know that you took an icon to use so I can see it in action on your journal. :) Yes, if you have a DeadJournal, UJournal, or Blurty you are allowed to use these icons also. Just still leave me a comment on my journal. Anoyn comments are allowed but please leave your journal URL so that I can still check it out. :)

These icons are for your own private use...not for you to give out as your own. Please remember this and respect my time and energy spent on them and use them only on your journal and not your website to give them away. Also I am not taking requests for custom icons and I don't have time to teach you how to make an icon. If you want to know something like that, please visit an icon community that tells you how to make them. Thank you and have much fun with the icons!

The fastest way to see the new icons that I make in a big batch would be either on my journal (a.k.a. sparklypunk), or the Cute Icons LiveJournal community.