So Emo.
Emo Pictures.
12/8/02  being super bored=writing in this thing.  anyways, i need some good online quizzes to stifle this maddening boredom so if you have any suggestions, send them this way in the comments or emo site section of the guestbook.  don't know how to sign the guestbook?  look above the super emo picture and voila!  if anyone knows any good bands with cheap and easy to find materials, send them this way also.  i've been existing solely on atdi, atdi side projects and spawn, the plan, the fav, some mixes and odd mp3's i've downloaded.  this godspeed you black emperor song rocks the extremities of me.  every time we have a site, we have to plug for sir nintendo's older brother because if we don't, horrible things will happen including lots of male sex so G8B, definitely.  rhyming.  heehee.  i have two basic questions that you, faithful readers, can answer in the emo comment box in the guestbook.  (most emo questions ever.  i'm on an emo kick).

1)  why do i rock so much?
2)  why am i so emo?
3)  how do emo bands get their hair so beautiful?
4)  since when do relationships suck so much?

hot hot heat.  rock.  yanni performance on public television.  ultra-rock.  comic books.  rock.  the opposite gender.  un-rock.

as william wallace in braveheart said, well, i'm changing what he said so that it will fit my emo purposes.  when he's about to get his head severed, he screams a word.  that word, if i had an opportunity to make a statement to the masses of this quaint little abercrombie town of omaha, would sound something like:  "emo!"  haha.  i'm so emo it makes my glasses shudder.  you should all check out the site about once a week if you want to catch up on all my emo ramblings though.  soon they may progress into indie, metal, guns n' roses, buddyhead style or just pure hate.  also, for kate because she doens't feel too swell right now (like every emo kid alive):  just remember, chicago spawned emo.  just think of the kinsellas.  anyways, spread the good news, sign the guestbook and send us an email at

le kleenex bandit
12/8/02  i know i'm sexy.  but because i have such an emo persona, i have a larger sex factor when moping or crying.  either way, new band, similar format and a much needed update for the two of you that actually read this.  (those two people being me and hopefully someone else.  anyways, sign the guestbook, drink some champagne, kick back and explore the site in the next couple weeks.  with a new drummer and an added pianist who i can easily collaborate with, all of whom can drive, rockola inner harmony will occur.  i can hear the angels harmonizing in a wondrous "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" right now.  either way, how emo did i make the picture above?  did i make this happen on purpose?  did i say, "hmmm.  i bet i should take a picture of half my face because that'd look so emo!" no.  my emo terrificness just exceeds that of even resident pseudo-emo douche chris carabba and the picture turned out that way.  the drawing part, pure genius on my boredom.  mwaha.  i laugh.  i'm so emo that i listen to every emo band on an emo mix while raking leaves.  sadly, this truly did occur.  in other news though, with some funky bass, poppy piano and rockalicious drumming, a new style of music will find itself thrown into this world.  this music will sound like a mix of yanni, pantera, black sabbath and mineral, knapsack or american football.  i'm so emo.  i know all of those emo bands.  anyways, everybody check out the new links with completely new, more emo bands and big emo hitters that i have no respect for but i'm sure some of you enjoy listening to while dabbing your eyes and making sure you don't get any tears on your emo gear.  yesterday, sir nintendo and i went out driving looking for a park.  being so emo, we listened to at the drive-in which almost made me tear up because they no longer exist and also some old foo fighters stuff and whenever an emo song came on, we'd say "i love this song."  even on monkeywrench, which may sound too hard for us because of our emo awesomeness, we rocked it.  so basically, the site now in full effect like reggie and the full effect, an emo-ish band off emo revolutionaries of making emo suck vagrant records (even though some of their bands thrive on my guilty pleasures list that actually does not exist).  anyways, spread the word.

the kleenex bandit