version two point oh

oh my this is gonna suck. hmm. i'm back at trying the web page thing again. what's gotten into me! what i should do is learn some effing java. or make an e-zine. too bad people won't give me stuff. sigh. i just started this damn thing to get a quiz up and i think that may be all i do.  i like the tiny-ness. i think i'll keep it.

one day: i'm going to make a full site. a real one, too. almost one as nice as laura's site.  if i had stuff to actually put on it; i'd make it now. sped's the one with the brains, though. if i were her and had writing like her subprofile; i'd make a website! she sucks. all of a sudden i hate her. it's late.

which writing utensil are you?
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