Can You Make Someone Fall in Love With You?

Intuitively speaking, yes you can.

With insight, ingenuity, and enough restraint, you can truly make someone fall in love with you. But only - and I do stress this - if he or she doing so has the potential for loving you to begin with. As much as we may want to, we can never make the wrong partners for us.

You could literally stand on your head to try to make someone fall in love with you, but if that person is not already inclined to take that "fall", it will never happen. This is where wishful thinking so often plays a major role. We can get so caught up in our own hopes and dreams for the future that we tend to forget that the recipients of our love may just not feel the way we do.

These people are, for all practical purposes, the sum total of their own life experiences, and what they feel or don't feel is as worthy of defense for them as our own feelings are for us. Still, we continue to persist. We send letters, make phone calls, and try to be in the same places they are-hoping that by persevering in our mission to have them fall "in love" with us, these people will inevitably succumb to our desires. I'm sorry, but reality just doesn't work that way.

When you first meet someone, or you even just see someone at a distance to whom you feel attracted, the attraction doesn't necessarily go both ways. You must remember, that person is operating with a mind set that is the result of personal experiences within the framework of his or her own life. You can think you are the man or woman of someone's dreams, but unless this individual is able to also perceive this - unless an emotional connection between the two of you already has the potential for becoming reality-that connection will never take place. I can't stress enough how important this realization is for finding happiness in new relationships.

First of all, men and women in general are initially attracted on two different levels. Women are initially drawn emotionally. Women are emotional creatures by nature and lead their lives from an emotional center. Men, on the other hand, tend to be drawn sexually first. It is a basic fact of their existence. Men are propagators of the species, where women instinctively assume the role of nurturer.

From the outset we have people with entirely different points of view on life searching to relate to each other on some sort of common ground. That common ground will, more times than not, initially take the shape of physical attraction, and if there is potential, that attraction will inevitably develop into a meaningful, emotional bond. When you meet men, ladies, you need to remember: These men are initially being guided by sexual instinct. When you men meet ladies, you also need to remember that they are operating from an entirely different value system from yours initially. This is one that begins and ends with emotion.

How do you find that common ground on which to build a strong, meaningful relationship in the future? To begin with, you can get an insightful reading from a good reader who will tell you if such a relationship does, in fact, have the potential for becoming reality before you even attempt to spin you wheels. You can strive to establish a sound friendship between the two of you first. We frequently dismiss friendship as not even being related to romantic love - and yet, friendship is the best foundation for marriage and permanent, loving relationships that there is. You can allow the recipient of your feelings to take the lead in good time, while waiting and watching for signs that will let you know that they are in fact interested. But no matter how hard you may try, you cannot force someone into feeling something for you if the potential is simply not there for them to ultimately feel it.

The future, whether we like it or not, comes in its own time and in its own way, and no amount of pressure or effort on your part will ever change that fact. Too often, when we meet someone where there is potential for a meaningful relationship to take shape we try to make it happen for us immediately.

Relationships - good relationships - take time to develop and grow. These relationships simply can't be rushed. If you were planting seeds in a garden, would you say, "I want to see fully ripened tomatoes here tomorrow?" No. You'd tend that garden faithfully, content to watch those tomatoes grow naturally, day after day. You'd care for them, watch over them with patience and concern, allowing nature to follow its own course. This is how we should view our relationships: as seeds in a garden that need our time, and attention, and patience as they slowly take root and grow. Rome, after all, wasn't build in a day and neither are solid, secure relationships that can withstand the test of time.

So how can you make someone fall in love with you when the potential exists for them doing so? First, be receptive. One should let people sit and talk about whatever happens to be on their minds, even if it's how hurt they are from a previous relationships. Feeling that they can confide in you is a big initially step toward establishing future intimacy. Second, be a challenge. Nobody wants to pursue a meaningful relationship with someone who comes across as available to anyone who happens to look their way. Be challenging psychologically, intellectually, and sexually.

Let them know that you have a good mind, a caring heart, and the self-respect to share yourself sexually just with someone you love. Help them to feel that giving them your time and attention - and later your affection - makes them, in your eyes very special indeed.

Third, be forgiving. We've all been places and done things that we regret and ashamed of. Forgiveness is, after all, the key to truly loving anyone in life. whether it is a mother, father, lover, friend, or a child, forgiveness is the essence of true love. Perhaps it is most important to allow the people you care for the time and freedom to reach that important moment of caring for you by giving them time and understanding to reach this conclusion on their own. We are all, each of us, following our own individual paths toward the future and not necessary operating from the same emotional levels.

When a relationship actually has the potential for becoming reality, you will know it on a highly intuitive level. You will feel pulled as if by an imaginary string, toward that person. You will feel a send of "completeness" just by being physically near to them. This is the feeling which tells us, "I'm going to marry him or her one day." It isn't a feeling that says, "Gee, I sure would like to have sex with him or her one day." It is a feeling on a far, deeper level-even if you have only just meet. Love is a bond that can be intuitively perceived in readings. I conduct these readings with ordinary playing cards long before a relationship has ever been realized and long before two people have even met. Once perceived, you are able to intuitively "know" when you have met the individual capable to making you fall in love, for real. You experience that feeling of "completeness". Your heart is suddenly made whole. Honest, pure, real love isn't something you "fall into". It is simply something you just "know".