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   Welcome & Thank You For Visiting Our "Chinese" LABSite







Welcome to the Emperor’s Site. 


Yes, this “palace” is belongs to an "emperor" named Emperor. 


Haa!...Emperor's actually our smart and joyful dog which is of the Labrador Retriever breed. But whether or not you are a Labrador Retriever owner or owner of other wonderful breeds, we thank you for visiting us. We hope you would be enjoyed seeing Emperor’s cute pictures.

Talk about dogs, well, just to let you know, neither one of us was a Lab’s breeder nor did we have owned any Labs before. In fact, this is our first Lab. We're proud to "show-it-off".

To briefly introduce ourselves, I'm AaronLam and Kimmy is my wife. We're the ethnic-Chinese from a beautiful country in South-East-Asia, namely Malaysia.

Hmm...Don't know where's Malaysia? Well, you should know the better-known Singapore, it's one of our closest neighbor.

We're staying in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a peaceful multiracial country, where the Malays, Chinese and Indians are living together in this small developing country.



"A Short Barking Story"

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1) The Purpose Of This Website

2) About Emperor

3) Why Named Emperor?

4) The Colours Scheme Of This Website




   1) The Purpose Of This Website

You could’ve seen many, many beautiful websites of Labs mainly from the west, perhaps, this is the time for you to have a LITTLE different feeling toward our site…it's a Chinese’s Labsite.

This website is all about how a Labrador Retriever happily lives in a peaceful Asian country, Malaysia. A site for those who still do not know how the world’s most favourite dog, Labrador Retriever looks like. It’s a place for visitors to see and read simple stories about how our Lab, Emperor grows, plays, eats and etc. Emperor is still a young Lab. And, for that, many pictures of Emperor will be added on this site during its growing periods as part of your viewing pleasure and of course, for us to treasured.

With the creation of this website, it’ll also be easier for us to introduce or to show those cute pictures of Emperor whenever we were asked to. I personally think that everyone should have a website for his or her favourite interest. Without this website, it’s like, we do not have a proper “palace” to serves our royal guests like you.

As I've said, there’re numerous websites of Labs mainly from the west, but for those who are particularly from Asia were extremely low. So, that’s why this site is proud to serves as a purpose to especially represents the Chinese like us who are also have keen interest for this outstanding breed.

I hope that this site could generate some interest especially among those who wants to know more about how an individual Lab lives. We’ll always keeps our “palace” with Emperor most updated pictures. So, enjoy your stay…






   2) About Emperor  

We brought him back on 28 August 1999. We’re taking good care of him everyday. Emperor is an INTELLIGENT, energetic, responsive and a happy dog. To us, he's an excellent companion dog. In order to keep him healthy, I brought him to our local veterinarian to have him get vaccinated. Now with all the necessary jabs taken, I wish he could at least protected from those deathly viruses.

With books and WWW, it'll help me get more prepared on how to handle and understand the general side of a Lab.






   3) Why Named Emperor?

I guess the name (Emperor) itself could’ve explained everything about why I picked this name for my Lab. Naming my Lab was easy though, as I sees him like the “Emperor” of the dogs. We’re pampering him royally as if he were the real last Emperor of China.

He has the kindest temperament of the real modern-days Emperors; steady, well behave, loves people of all ages and most importantly, they never act aggressively. He really has the expression that conveys a kind and friendly feelings.

I guess, all the Labs in this world deserves the name Emperor. They’re simply royal.






   4) The Colours Scheme Of This Website

As you can see, the colours of this website is dominated with deep yellow colour, it’s to depict the royal Chinese Emperor and our descent, the Chinese.