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Yep. If you were searching for the most unvisited site on the great big internet, then you have found it. This is my little claim to the virtual realm. 

How Toadvine, Alabama got its name.
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Me on the Nantahala in NC. Summer 2002.
About me, well let's see.
I am an eighth generation Alabamian, born and raised in metro Birmingham, surrounded by family and friends. (Specifically I am from a place called Toadvine- thus this site's name.) I have been extraordinarily, though undeservedly, blessed in life.  I grew up in a pretty close-knit exurban community (a somewhat rural area in slow transition to suburbia), where you still introduce yourself by telling people who your great-grandfather was. I graduated from Oak Grove High School. I went on to
Samford University and enjoyed a wonderful four years, had many awesome experiences and made many great friends before graduating with a degree in public administration in May 2001. I then accepted a job with the Aerospace Development Center at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I am now enrolled in the UAB Master of Public Adminstration program and have taken graduate classes at both UAB and JSU. At my current rate though, I will be as old as Methusela when I finally get my MPA.

In life I stay pretty busy. The job and classes obviously take up a lot of my time. In the evenings I run on the Chief Ladiga Trail in Jacksonville quite often. I travel back to metro Birmingham most weekends. And I stay involved in all sorts of  activities. I am on the staff of the
American Legion Alabama Boys State, and have been involved with ALBS for seven years now. My good friend Yancy has gotten me involved in judging pageants, and I have done that on occasion from Dothan, Alabama to Waynesboro, Tennessee. (Who knew that I would be considered to have some sort of expertise on beauty?) I do press releases for the Oak Grove Alumni and Friends Association and write occasional articles for a couple of local papers back home and for a newsletter. I serve on the board of directors of the West Jefferson County Historical Society. I am a member of Rock Creek Baptist Church back home, which my family helped form way back in the 1820's. The 85-year-old pastor is THE wisest and one of the kindest men I have ever met. When in Jacksonville I have visited different churches but like 1st Presbyterian best. And then there is just trying to keep up with all my deeply valued friends and family, which takes a lot of time for sure. I have been blessed beyond comprehesion with extraordinary friends and family.

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Loyola U, New Orleans. Photo by me
"Nostalgia is like a grammer lesson...you find the present tense and the past perfect"- Unknown

"The price of greatness is responsibility"- Winston Churchill

"The leader's road is a hard road"- Quannah Parker, Commanche Chief
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