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Welcome, loyal minions, to the realm of the Empress of Insanity-Sabrina. (That's me, by the way.) Okay, there actually is a purpose in creating this little pocket of the Internet. I have way too many webpages and everyone I know is sick of having to either memorize that many URL's or having to link so many sites. So I decided to create my own little web realm. Hey, I already rule my world, why not the Internet, too?

There is an awful lot to my world. I love music and play like 8 instruments and write songs and everything, I adore reading and writing, especially poetry, plays, and fantasy, I'm invovled in choir, Thespians, writing, and I'm really into movies and cartoons, especially anime. I also have lots of friends that are really important to me and my life, too. It's a crazy, dizzy, messed-up little pocket of insanity world I rule. Somehow I managed to divide it up into a few major categories. Currently, the Insane Domain is undergoing massive construction, but the revamped, redone site should be up soon!

The Empress of Insanity, Sabrina

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