This is my Webpage...Brian's Webpage. As you may have noticed, this page is a lot different from what it used to be. Although originally I thought that was a bad thing, a crisis is also an oppourtunity. This site is now better then it ever was before, and is only getting better. If you do nothing else, go look at the 'thoughts' section...It's definitly my favorite part.

Just a little note: After reading many of my thoughts, I've noticed that many, if not ALL of them, have some kind of spelling or grammatical error(s). Just try to skip over them...I can't edit all this stuff NOW...that's WAY too much work.

Oh...and... people have been to my site since October 19th, 2000. (but I guess this doesn't work anymore!)


August 29th, 2008: Haven't done anything in the longest break ever. Don't plan to anymore. Things are so different now, there is hardly the same need for this that there once was. Still, I plan on keeping it up, mostly for myself. It's nice to remember what kind of person I used to be.
January 12th, 2007: Added something.
June 19th: Added a thought.

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Back to the Deerwood Main
- Well, obviously, you can tell what this is. It's the link back to the main site of Deerwood, where everyone's site is linked, and the main Deerwood events are posted.
Brain's Thoughts
- This is my symposium of ideas, thoughts, and questions I have about the world and everything it encompasses. Some of it is very philosophic. This is my favorite section. Now that I've done 100 thoughts(In 10 months and 29 days. Just one day shy of 11 months. How's that for irony?), I made a link inside this page to the next 100 thoughts. So, to get to the next 100, you have to go through the first 100. That way everyone gets to read all of them. I'm a genius.
The Final Fantasy Section
- This section is completely dedicated to Final Fantasy, and all it's works, from 4-9, and Tactics.
Brian's Book
- This is my book. Yes, a book. I've been writing this story(or trying to, rather), for almost 8 or 9 years now. But it's gotten deleted from the comp something like 4 times now. But I've kept at it, in the vain hope that I'll actually be able to get it done. By putting it up bit by bit, I'll be able to preserve as much of it as I can.
The Deerwood Awards Results
- This is the collection of all the Deerwood Award results, from 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. I can't find the categories or results from 1999 or 2001, though. Still, I put them up for rememberance's sake.
Brian's Poems
- This is my collection of self-written poems. About all sorts of stuff....and yes, I know they're pretty bad. This section probably won't get many additions to it...I don't write often, and when I do, it's usually pretty horrid.
Brian's Favorite Quotes
- This Section is home to all of the quotes I've heard(and can get), from various people, which I find to be either very philosophic, or just very interersting. Some of these people i'm SURE you haven't heard of...I've only heard of a few myself.
Brian's Lyrics
- A collection of the lyrics of all songs that i've heard in my life(sectioned off into the song titles), and which I find either very well-written, or songs which I find to relate to present or previous stages of my life. As well, also included in this site is a sub-site which contains some FF6 songs which are beautifully composed.
Brian's Pics
- This is where all of my scanned pictures are posted, mostly for my satisfaction then anyone else's. A lot of my most precious ones, though(ie.- Pictures of me and the girls) still lie in frames on my nighttable, and will probably remain so for all of time.

Editor's Note: Just to let everyone know, while I was just going over the site to make sure everything was OK, I noticed that the website address, empty_cowboy, is a bit misleading, and I'm sure at least one person has wondered "Why the hell is your site name THAT? What does it mean?" Well, I thought of that myself, so let me tell you:
Back in the day, when this site was first established(Not the site as it is now, this area was originally the "Deerwood Post", a joint venture of me and Ry.), and it was the Deerwood Post, me and Ry decided that the name for the site would be a combination of our AOE screen names at the time(Empty_Void(Me), and hooligan_cowboy(Ry).). And so, the name, empty_cowboy, was created. Kind of a weird story, but your not allowed to change site address, and I don't want to get a new one, because people know this site, and so I just left it how it is. Since then, This site has been taken over by me, and Ry got his own address, dw_raine, which is linked to the main Deerwood page, also new, as well as my own page.

Yea, I know, my site is pretty cool, and it has a lot of content, which is what I was going for. Hope you enjoy it,

Brian's Final Wishes
- There's nothing interesting here....at least not while I'm alive.

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