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Janna's Story..."And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill up?"--Charles Dickens

Janna and Chris..."It's terrifying to care, of course, and the young man whom I once heard say to the girl whose hand he was holding, "Shit, I think I love you," in the ominous tones of someone declaring that he was coming down with the plague, probably put the fear that accompanies loving as graphically as it can be put."--Merle Shain, Some Men Are More Perfect Than Others

Mom's Musings..."We are permitted to grieve because we have been privileged to love. To escape grief at the cost of never having loved is too dear a price to pay."--Author Unknown

Janna's Scottish Dancing..."For one brief moment, she lives a dream: dancing into eternity."--from Janna's Journals

Janna's Photo Album..."You may chisel a boy into shape, as you would a rock, or hammer him into it, if he be of a better kind, as you would a piece of bronze. But you cannot hammer a girl into anything. She grows as a flower does."--John Ruskin

Chris's Photo Album..."What you're doing with a clown like me, is surely one of life's little mysteries. What did I do? What did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way?"--John Hiatt/Fred Koller, Angel Eyes


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