rhetoric of academic writing julia k. ferganchick-neufang
rhetoric (traditionally): art of persuasion
rhetoric (generally): includes various strategies writers/speakers use to acclomplish purpose with audience. it's concerned with how writers and speakers address particular situations to achieve specific effects.
parts of rhetorical (communication) situations: writer, text, topic, and audience.
parts of writing process: invention, arrangement, and revision of ideas. divide situations and process, effectively address challenges and opportunites presented by each part.
rhetorical approach: suggests break down writing process in three main stages:
1: invention: discovering and developing ideas
2: arrangement: drafting and organizing a text
3: revision: rewriting and editing a text
examp: "i need help." different meaning in different situations (write home for money, ask prof for instructions, visit shrink). relationship of to audience, nature of problem, own persona.