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Our old site:   FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive ...

Electro Sensitivity - UK (registered charity 1103018) helping the vulnerable minority with Radiation Sickness from electromagnetic fields, microwaves, RF etc. all 'electrosmog'.

Rod Read M. Phil, (Cantab), Dip. Psych. Couns., Cert. Ed. Director

ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB.  Tel: 01353-778151 or at  Also by email at

Parents Against Leukemia, a National Action Group (UK) highlighting the possible link between EMF radiation and leukemia/cancer.  E-mail


Emfacts -Electromagnetics Forum consultancy and information source at North Hobart, Tasmania


"MICROWAVE NEWS"      New York city based newsletter  Email  Internet:

Reliable source of news on EMF/EMR matters. 


Powerwatch : An organisation providing  EMF related Information.  Designing, hiring and selling detection instruments and publications.   


Electric Sensitivity Network (ESN):  A number of articles by Lucinda Grant can be found by going to Google Search Engine and type in Lucinda Grant.


Cellular Phone Taskforce:  Quality material available via Google Search Engine - type in Arthur Firstenberg.

EMR AWARENESS NETWORK: Information on EHS. Co-ordinator: Sarah Benson :
C/- East Melbourne P.O., East Melbourne, Victoria 3002 Australia, E-mail


Ouruhia : New Zealand community group creating awareness of health damage sustained by local residents and animals after installation of RF antenna in their environment.


Imelda O’Connor ; Electrical Sensitivity Information, Ireland :

Email <>


Research:  The CSIRO REPORT (1994), 174 pages, highly recommended though somewhat dates.  STATUS OF RESEARCH ON BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS AND SAFETY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION:  TELECOMMUNICATIONS FREQUENCIES prepared by S. Barnett, PhD.  Available on Emfacts website:


FEMU (Research Centre for Environmental Compatibility of Electromagnetic Fields) Free Internet access to current knowledge status regarding the effects of high and low frequency fields of EME.


USA National Library of Medicine. Free access to 11 million citations from Medline and science journals. Includes Complimentary Medicine subset.


A.A. Marino Ph.D., JD. a pioneer researcher of EMR bioeffects.  Louisiana State University Health Sciences CenterDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery Department...   

ACNEM : Australasian College of Nutritional and Enviornmental Medicine where you can read the paper: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is prolonged exposure to environmental level powerline frequency electromagnetic fields a co-factor to consider in treatment? by D. Maisch, B. Rapley, R.E. Rowland, J. Podd. (Just use their site search page and use the keyword emr to find this paper.)

Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance : ACTA

Enid Humphries, Area Representative for Australian Chemical Trauma  Alliance (A.C.T.A.) Information and support P.O. Box 459, Bega, NSW, 2550

Environmental Health Center-Dallas  : USA Health clinic for treatment of the environmentally sensitive person. (DR W Rea)   8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite  220 Dallas, Texas 75231 USA Phone: 214.368.4132 Fax: 214. ...

AESSRA : Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association
P.O. Box 298, Ringwood, Victoria 3134

National Toxics Network Australia Inc,
Information on toxic chemicals. 


Diana Buckland    MCS Global

Global Campaign for Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other Chemically Induced Illnesses, Diseases & Injury affecting Civilians and Military Personnel

Founder & Global Coordinator
Diana Buckland 4 Mia St. Kallangur 4503 Qld. Australia

EMR INFORMATION RESOURCE USA   Recommended site for scientific papers.

Dr Judy Ford  Geneticist  Ph.D., writes and lectures  on   “ lifestyle,  genes and environmental health ”and maintains informative websites:   

Environmental & Genetic Solutions: A site about drug-free Preventative  Health: fertility healthy ageing, cancer prevention and workplace  wellness.

It's Natural: A site devoted to issues about natural conception, prevention of infertility/miscarriage:

The Lifestyle Doctor: A site which shows how all aspects of lifestyle contribute to health. : 


One of the most visited health sites on the Internet

Learning Difficulties (LD) in children (and adults!) see Barbara Pheloung's site  Highly recommended

MCS and EHS Information and Resources

Alternate Health Networking Resources,  Scotland U.K.