Many books have been published by people wishing to bring the EMR health issue to the attention of the community and the authorities, usually with minimal effect.


The list of publications  following includes collectively a   formidable reference list  of the studies linking EMR with human disease.  There are many, many more available. That ‘proof’ cannot be found is irrelevant,  in the face of  so much evidence of association, which validates the empirical evidence  of perceptive  members of the community and many scientists. 

The  CSIRO REPORT (1994), 174 pages,  highly recommended though somewhat dated  STATUS OF RESEARCH ON BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS AND SAFETY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION:TELECOMMUNICATIONS FREQUENCIES  prepared by S. Barnett, P.hD.   Available  on  Stewart Fist’s  website : < >    

DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE DOES EXIST revealing   the complicity of EMR  in human health degradation.  We offer a list of publications that demonstrate the  EMR health connection.

This author  has noticed,  during years of literature study, that reports  and studies that are positive  in their  summation, of  the adverse impact of electromagnetic field  radiation on human health,  fall into obscurity,  are  seldom  referred to in public information literature, or if  referenced,   are immediately dismissed as being questionable as to reliability.

This serves to create the distinct impression that there is  very little reliable background information available on this topic and  that there  is little  evidence of an adverse  link between EMR and ill health.

Quite the reverse can be determined from the  number of publications, reports and papers  that include  extensive reference lists of studies which  leave little room  for argument regarding the adverse effects of EMR on human health.

These reports, which seldom see  the light of day after initial release,  have been found to be a wealth of information for the lay public as well as professionals seeking  to increase their knowledge of the  EMR and health connection.

A report in New Scientist 2.5.1998  confirms this observation by  drawing  attention to the fact that almost half the papers published, on all topics,  in scientific journals,  are never subsequently cited in future  articles.  As a result  important material reflecting  many hours of  in-depth work  of researchers,  carried out at considerable monetary  cost.

Funds are provided by government and industry  for research and development,  the former provided by taxpayers,  the latter  factored into  the cost of existing consumer products.  The total costs  borne by the community,    represents a  considerable waste of  money for  valuable resources that are never used.

The  published titles listed  here  reflects but  a sample  of  valuable work,  in this instance  dealing with the health issue of human exposure to  electromagnetic field radiation  ranging from power line frequencies of  50-60 Hertz to the mobile phone technology frequencies of 2.000.000 Hertz,( gigaHertz)  

Included are the titles of a number of books written by concerned authors  who have drawn on scientific papers as well as valuable empirical evidence which has come to their attention.

If you know of titles of similar  works  which we have overlooked,   please advise  and we will be happy to include them  in this  list.

With thanks  to the respective authors:

The Chemical Connection - Dr William Ross Adey  - Joint Actions of Environmental Non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and chemical pollution in cancer promotion environmental Health Perspectives Vo., 88 pp. 297-305 (1990)



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A Case For Reducing Exposure Limits Based on Low Level Non Thermal, Biological Effects Part One (1994)     A.H. Doull  CSIRO Health & Safety Advisor and Dr C Curtain CSIRO Honorary research Fellow.    Contact EMR Safety Network  Phone +61 2 9540 3936  


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Australian Council of Trade Unions  (ACTU)  released  their    DIGEST OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY  INFORMATION, NUMBER 19, JANUARY 2004  focusing on EMR. (See below for content.)

The ACTU is the peak  national body representing over 2 million trade union members.    For further information  about this publication contact  Ken Norling,   ACTU OHS Unit, 393 Swanston St., Melbourne Vic, 3000 Phone (03) 9664 7302  ( )  for a copy  of the digest :  Electronic copies are  supplied free of charge. This publication contains:-  MATERIALS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION,  MOBILE PHONES & RELATED ISSUES (73 pages ):

State of the Research on Electromagnetic Fields - Scientific and
Legal Issues - Catania Resolution 1
Freiburger Appeal 1
Brain tumour rates rising in Europe, US 3
Draft European Union directive on electromagnetic fields 4
EC hails Council agreement on measures to protect workers exposed to
electro-magnetic fields and waves 10
European Trade Union Technical Bureau on Exposure of workers to
electromagnetic fields 10
May/June issue of Microwave News 12
What WHO is doing on application of the Precautionary Framework to EMF 12
International EMF Standards 13
Power stands charged 13
Consultation on Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields 15
UK plans to lower EMF limits 15
USA: Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields - Federal
Communications Commission 16
New postings on the EMR Network's Research Page 17
Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection -
April, 2003 Meeting 17
Risk factors for Alzheimer disease: a population-based case-control
study in Istanbul, Turkey. 22
Electromagnetic Fields, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and Prostate
Cancer Mortality in Electric Utility Workers 22
Neurodegenerative diseases in welders and other workers exposed to
high levels of magnetic fields. 23
Book Notice: Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings 23
Burned groin blamed on laptop 24
Fact Sheets from the EMRAA 25
Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register Launched 25
Senate Speech by Australian Democrat Lyn Allison (Excerpt) 26
Redesign for Microwave News web site 27
How Exposure to GSM & TETRA Base-station Radiation can Adversely
Affect Humans 27
The Microwave Syndrome: A Preliminary Study in Spain 30
Power Line Facts Update 35
Adult and childhood leukemia near a high-power radio station in Rome 36
Melanoma incidence and frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting 36
Hydro lines increase cancer risk: U.S. study 36
Police say new digital handsets are making them ill 38
Tetra masts raise anxiety levels 38
Mobile mast 'spreading cancer' 39
Fresh debate over pylon cancer risk 40
Health of people living near mobile phone base stations 41
3G base stations may cause headaches 41
3G mobile signals can cause nausea, headache - study 42
Dutch Government Study Finds Non-Thermal Effects from Exposure to
Mobile Telecommunications Antennas 43
Mobiles lacking radiation research 44
Mobile Phone Tower Regulation Should Be Obligatory, Not Voluntary 45
Limits Sought on Wireless Internet Access 45
Feds to launch $10 million investigation of cell phones, wireless
technologies 47
Mobiles 'make you senile' 50
Mobile phones 'may trigger Alzheimer's' 50
Centre to examine health risks of mobile phones 51
Mobile phones 'appear to be safe' 52
Do cellular phones represent a health risk? 53
Blake dismisses five mobile-phone lawsuits 56
Appeals court affirms mobile-health decision 56
FDA, It's Time to Study Cellphone Radiation 57
Acute mobile phone operation affects neural function in humans 57
New epidemiology review pummels key witness in brain-cancer lawsuit 58
Cancer cell study revives cellphone safety fears 58
How Cell Phones Affect Brain Cells 59
Teen cellphone radiation risk 60
French tackle mobile phone health dangers 61
Ireland: Dail to probe health risks of mobiles 62
New fears on mobile phones 62
Long-Term Exposure of E&mgr;-Pim1 Transgenic Mice to 898.4 MHz
Microwaves does not Increase Lymphoma Incidence. 63
Mobile Phones and Cancer: Is the Popular Media Doing Its Job? 63
13 countries to study cellphones and cancer 65
Mobile Hands Free Kits - A National Health Issue 66
Brain cancer with induction periods of less than 10 years in young
military radar workers 66
Brain cancer and occupational exposure to magnetic fields among men:
results from a Canadian study 67
The Body Electric - Are electrical appliances dangerous to your health? 67
Government, Industry Pass the Buck: NPO questions safety of electric cookers 69
Effects of ELF and Microwaves on Human Lymphocytes from
Hypersensitive Persons 71
"Electrosensitivity-can it be prevented " 72 .


Don Maisch says “At last there is a book available that extensively covers the building EMF issue from an architectural perspective  Having been originally trained in architectural building design in the USA, I have given numerous presentations to OH&S Union groups in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria on workplace problems associated with chemical and EMF exposures in modern IT workplace environment. At last there is a book available that extensively covers the  building EMF issue from an architectural perspective. In my opinionit is THE essential reference for Trade Unions, Building Designers  and bascially anyone interested in the impact of EMF on the built  environment.”
Highly recommended reading  : Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings (ed. D Clements-Croome), Spong Press, London & New York, August 2003


The Invisible Disease - The Dangers of Environmental Illnesses caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissions  - Nordstrom Gunni ©  2004, Publisher – O Books Winchester, UK and New York USA  ISBN 1903816 71 8