The Musketeers of Pig Alley

Filming date: finished ca. September 1912 
Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey 
Release date: 31 October 1912; reissued by Biograph, 5 November 1915 
Release length: one reel 
Copyright date: 4 November 1912
Director: D.W. Griffith 
Author: Joseph Graybill  
Camera: G.W. Bitzer 
Cast: Elmer Booth (Snapper Kid); Lillian Gish (The Little Lady); Walter Miller 
(Musician); Alfred Paget (Snapper's rival); Madge Kirby (Little Lady's 
friend); Harry Carey (Snapper's lieutenant); John T. Dillon (Policeman); Clara 
T. Bracey (Little Lady's mother); Adolph Lestina (Bartender); Jack Pickford 
(In Snapper's gang); Robert Harron, W.C. Robinson (In rival gang); Dorothy 
Gish, Adolph Lestina, Kathleen Butler (On street); Madge Kirby, Robert Harron, 
Walter P. Lewis, J. Waltham (In alley); Jack Pickford, Antonio Moreno, 
Gertrude Bambrick, W. Christy Cabanne, Robert Harron, Kathleen Butler, Frank 
Evans, Walter P. Lewis, Marie Newton (At dance); ? (Musician's friend)
Produced by American Biograph

Snapper Kid mugs a musician in the hallway of his Lower East Side tenement, 
not knowing that his victim is the fiance of the young seamstress Snapper has 
earlier discovered for himself. While the musician wanders off hoping to 
retrieve his wallet, the seamstress goes to a dance hall where Snapper sees 
her again. Before he can talk to her, he catches a rival gang leader doping 
her drink, and the confrontation triggers a gang war. In the battle that 
follows, the musician encounters Snapper and wrestles his wallet back, 
retrieving the money he needs to marry his sweetheart. When Snapper rushes to 
her apartment to claim her for himself, she rejects him, but she lies to 
protect him from the police.


From Copyright Material submitted to the Library of Congress: This picture is intended to portray the evil of the gangster in New York. The first scene shows New York's other side. The poor musician is engaged to be married to a young woman and leaves for another city to accept an engagement whereby to improve his condition monetarily. While he is away the little one is forced to work at sewing to support her invalid mother and herself. Later on, in going to deliver some of her work, she meets "Snapper Kid" who is the chief of one faction of the gangsters of Pig Alley in the slum quarters. There are two factions of these gangsters. Like the musketeers of old, they go about, each side alert that they will not be taken unawares by the other. About this time the little girl's mother dies and she finds herself alone, but the musician returns with replenished purse to become the protector of the little orphan. He meets the musketeers in Pig Alley and "Snapper Kid" relieves him of his wallet. Going to the girl, he vows to her that he will recover his stolen money at all hazard, and consequently leaves to make the rounds through the slums in the hope of apprehending the thief. In this new sorrow, a friend stops in to see the little lady and induces her to go with her to the ball, hoping thereby to cheer her a little. At the ball, the girl meets one of the gang, and he being a decent looking chap, she dances with him and accepts his invitation to drink a soft drink. This he drugs, and had it not been for "Snapper Kid" who sees this act from a distance, she would have drunk it, but the kid intervenes. This further riles the other faction of the gang, and fearing the "Big Boss" they go outside to settle the trouble. We show several scenes of their following each other with the hope of one taking the other by surprise. For a long time they are ever on the alert. Finally a gun fight ensues and in the struggle "Snapper Kid" rushes through one of the hallways in his endeavor to escape the police, and is met by the musician, who, before the kid realizes what he has done, recovers his wallet, making his way hurriedly back to the girl. The kid has no chance to recover his equilibrium, for the police are on his heels, and he rushes through the dark hallways until he finally comes to the apartment of the girl, just after the musician has reached there. The police trail him to this point, but as he had saved the girl from disaster the night of the ball, she, reasoning that one good turn deserves another, enables him to give an alibi to the officer which frees him.

Cutting continuity

Copyright Descriptive Material, Library of Congress, November 4, 1912, LU90 Eagle Title: The Musketeers of Pig Alley Sub-title: New York's other side - The poor musician goes away to improve his fortune Room: Young man and girl talking Hallway: Woman and girl standing in hallway Room: Woman in chair - girl going out of door Sub-title: Later - the little lady meets "Snapper Kid" the chief of the musketeers Room: Woman in chair - girl doing up bundle Hallway: Woman going up stairs - men in hallway talking Street: Several people in street Hallway: Men in hallway, near foot of stairs Room: woman in chair Sub-title: Alone Hallway: Room: Woman in chair Sub-title: The musician returning with replenished purse, meets the musketeers in Pig Alley The alley: Several people in alley Street: Several people in street Hallway Room: Girl in chair Hallway: Man on floor - another man bending over him - another man near foot of stairs Saloon: Man entering Hallway: Man on floor Room: Girl in chair Hallway: Man on floor, crawling to door Room: Girl in doorway, helping man into room Sub-title: The musician determined to recover his stolen money Room: Young man and girl talking Saloon: Man behind bar Room: Girl at door Saloon: Man behind bar - man standing near bar with grip in hand The Alley: Several people in alley Sub-title: A friend tries to cheer the little lady Room: Girl standing near machine Hallway: Girl coming out of door Sub-title: The little lady at the gangster's ball Ball room: Several people standing around and sitting on chairs Room: People at tables drinking - man enters room Ball room: People dancing - others standing around Room: Young man and girl at table Ball room: People dancing - others standing around Sub-title: Fear of the Big Boss forces them to settle the fight outside Room: Two men standing near table talking Ball room: People dancing - others standing around Exterior of dance hall: Men standing in doorway Room: Man standing at table Street: Man at stand - man walking down street Hallway: Saloon: Man behind bar - man enters door Room: Two men at table drinking - another standing near table talking to them Ball room: People standing around, talking Saloon: Man behind bar - men standing at bar Street: Man sitting on step outside of store Sub-title: The gangsters' feudal war Exterior of dance hall: Man standing in doorway Cellar: Street: Man sitting on step outside of store Saloon: The alley: Musician in foreground - other man standing around Cellar The alley: Several men standing around Saloon: Man behind bar - other men standing at bar Street: Exterior of saloon The alley: Gangsters talking - man in background Cellar - door open Alley way: Cellar: Men entering [...]or Alley way: Men standing near wall The alley: Cellar: The alley: Men shooting Cellar: The musician standing near door The alley: Several men on ground Cellar: Man standing near door The alley: Policemen arresting gangsters Room: Girl sitt[...]m Hallway: Room: Girl and man talking Hallway: Man standing near door Room: Girl and young man in room - man enters door Hallway: Man in doorway Sub-title: One good turn deserves another Room: Man and girl talking - man enters Sub-title: Links in the system Hallway: Policema[...]g in hallway Room: Young man holding arms out to girl Trade-mark: [AB logo]