Bud and Lou Go Hunting

[a.k.a. "Lion Hunting"]

THE FOUR HITS (singing): C-A-M-E-L-S!

ANNOUNCER: That's right, folks! 


ANNOUNCER: C for comedy! 


ANNOUNCER: A for Abbott! 


ANNOUNCER: M for Maxwell! 


ANNOUNCER: E for Ennis! 


ANNOUNCER: L for Lou Costello! 


ANNOUNCER: Yes, they spell "Camels" -- your taste will tell you about Camels' 
rich full flavor! Your throat will welcome Camels' cool mildness. So draw up a 
chair for tonight's show starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello!


BUD: Hey, Costello! Costello! Costello!


BUD: Will you listen to me, please? Uh, did you go hunting with your Uncle 
Artie Stebbins last Saturday?

LOU: What'd you say?

BUD: I say, did you go hunting with your uncle Artie Stebbins last Saturday?

LOU: Yeah and a terrible thing happened. A great big bear sneaked up behind 
us, grabbed Uncle Artie's gun out of his hands and stuck it in his back.

BUD: What did Uncle Artie do?

LOU: What could he do? He married the bear's daughter.

BUD: Eh--!


BUD: Never mind that. Did you see any -- did you see any big game?

LOU: I saw a giraffe but I didn't shoot him. He had a sore throat.

BUD: Well, there's nothing worse than a giraffe with a sore throat.

LOU: Oh, yes there is. 

BUD: Wh-what?

LOU: A centipede with corns.


BUD: You dummy. I didn't think you'd ever -- I didn't think you ever went 
hunting in your life and I don't believe you did. I bet you haven't even got 
a hunting license.

LOU: I have, too. Here it is.

BUD: Wait a minute, wait a minute. This is no hunting license. This is a 
picture of Hedy Lamarr.

LOU: You hunt what you like and I'll hunt what I like.


BUD: You a hunter! Why, that's ridiculous.

LOU: Oh, yeah? My brother-in-law used to hunt alligators.

BUD: Alligators?

LOU: Yeah. One time an alligator was just about to attack my brother-in-law. 
I fired off both barrels of my trusty rifle.

BUD: Did you kill the alligator?

LOU: See this wallet?

BUD: Genuine alligator?

LOU: No. Genuine brother-in-law.


BUD: Talk sense! Come here, look at this. You see this picture? Now, I caught 
all these rabbits last winter. Now, how many would you say there are?

LOU (quickly): Eight hundred and seventy-six.

BUD (amazed): That's exactly right. Wait a minute. How did you guess it?

LOU: Oh, I just count the legs and divide by four.

BUD: I--


BUD: Costello, haven't you ever been in Afric-- in Africa on, er, safari.

LOU: No, but I've been in New York on safari.

BUD: Eh--! A safari in New York?

LOU: Yeah, the Staten Island Sa-Ferry.


LOU: And also the Hoboken Sa-Ferry.

BUD: Aw, now, come on, that's ridiculous.

LOU: There's lots of safaris around there.

BUD: Hey, listen to me, though. You should have been with me on my elephant 
hunt. Oh, there I was, surrounded by elephants. One big bull elephant started 
towards me. I said to myself, "I'm trapped! Abbott, you're trapped! Should I 
run or stand here and shoot the bull?"

LOU: You been doin' all right up to now.

BUD: All right, all right. 


BUD: Well, I shot him. The elephant fell and broke a tusk.

LOU: Broke a what?

BUD: A tusk, tusk.

LOU: Tusk, tusk to you, too, and a couple o' pooh-poohs!


BUD: A tusk is valuable. We use fifty thousand elephants a year just to make 
billiard balls.

LOU: My! How do they train those big clumsy beasts to do such delicate work?


BUD: I can see you-- I can see you know nothing about elephants.

LOU: I once hunted elephants in India -- with an old acquaintance of mine. 
And a elephant sat on him. Someday I gotta go back there.

BUD: Why?

LOU: To scrape up an old acquaintance.


LOU: Hey, Abbott, hey, Abbott, did you ever shoot a zebra?

BUD: Yes, I did.

LOU: Could I have that zebra skin?

BUD: Aw, what do you want with a zebra skin?

LOU: My Aunt Minnie is in Alcatraz and she needs a new fur coat.

BUD: Aw...


BUD: That's silly, Costello. However, I have a stuffed rhinoceros you can 
have. Course, you know what a rhinoceros is, don't you?

LOU: Oh, sure. That's a hippopotamus with a radiator cap.

BUD: Naw...


LOU (to the audience): Now, come on, out there! I know you're breathing!

BUD: All right, all right ...


BUD: Costello, this is the last week of the big game hunting season. Now, 
tomorrow I'm going hunting in the High Sierras and I'd like you to come along 
with me.

LOU: Oh, gee, thanks, Abbott. Say, you've done a lot of huntin'. What do they 
call those little flies that buzz around the animals?

BUD: Gnats.

LOU: I asked you a civil question.


LOU: What do they call those little flies?

BUD: Gnats. Gnats.

LOU: Gnats to you, too, brother!

BUD: No, no, no, you dummy...


BUD: Gnats are the flies that annoy the animals. Of course, some of them have 

LOU: Why don't they take the ticks and give those flies a good thrashing?

BUD: I didn't say "sticks," I said "ticks"! For instance, there's deer's 

LOU: The deer ticks?

BUD: Uh, certainly, deer ticks.

LOU: Who wound 'em up?

BUD: Aw, nobody wound 'em up.


LOU: Then what makes 'em tick? Somebody must've slipped a grume in his gruel.

BUD: Costello... when I say...


BUD: Listen to me, please. When I say "deer ticks" I don't mean the 
deer ticks. I mean, deer ticks.

LOU: Abbott, let me smell your breath.

BUD: Aw, come on, please, talk sense.


BUD: The deer has ticks and the ticks bother the deer.

LOU: They used to bother me when I went to school.

BUD: Ticks bothered you in school?

LOU: Yeah. Arithme-tics ... Mathema-tics...


LOU: And, one time, a tick got me in trouble with the teacher.

BUD: Aw, now, wait a minute, how could a tick get you in trouble with the 

LOU (in a child's voice): I ticked my tongue out at the teacher and she 
twounced the tweat of my twousers with a twap! Now...?


BUD: Costello....


BUD: Look, Lou, I-I-I'm talking about animal ticks. Hundreds of animals in 
the woods have ticks.

LOU: That must be a pretty sound ... when hundreds of animals get together 
and they all start tickin' at once.


BUD: Naw, no, listen, Costello, listen to me. Deer have ticks. Elks have 
ticks. And, one time, my father shot a moose with ticks. Now do you know what 
I'm talking about?

LOU: Sure, your father's moose ticks!

BUD: Aw, now...


BUD: Cos-- Costello, you-- you're getting more stupid every day. I don't know 
what to do with you. I don't know what to say to you. I've tried and I've 
tried to improve your mind but I just can't seem to get anywhere.

LOU: Why don't you face it, Abbott? You're a failure.



ANNOUNCER: And here, for Camel cigarettes, is Skinnay Ennis and the boys with 
"For Sentimental Reasons" -- Skinnay on the vocal.

SKINNAY (sings):
I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I'll give you my heart

I love you and you alone were meant for me
Please give your loving heart to me
And say we'll never part

I think of you every morning
Dream of you every night
Darling, I'm never lonely
Whenever you're in sight

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you my heart

(instrumental break)

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you my heart


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FILTERED VOICE: ... according to a recent nationwide survey, more doctors 
smoke Camels than any other cigarette.


LOU: Well, here I am, Abbott. And I'm all ready to go hunting with you up in 
the mountains.

BUD: Ah, that's fine, Costello. How is your hunting equipment?

LOU: I got the best, Abbott. Look, Cornel Wilde's old address book.


BUD: Costello, hunting ... hunting is a serious sport. Now, suppose you came 
face to face with a big bruin. What would you do?

LOU: Ask him for a ticket to the Rose Bowl game.

BUD: Aww...


BUD: You know, Marilyn Maxwell and Skinnay Ennis are going to meet us at the 
hunting lodge. And I hope you brought something along.

LOU: I did. I brought a quart of bourbon in case somebody gets the chills. 
What are you bringing, Abbott?

BUD: Mmm... the chills.


BUD: Costello, did you bring a gun?

LOU: Why, yes. Here it is. This is my sawed-off shotgun.

BUD: Wait a minute. Where is the handle?

LOU: How do you like that? I sawed off the wrong end.


BUD: Well, come on, Costello, Marilyn and Skinnay are waiting for us at the 
hunting lodge in the mountains, let's go.


SKINNAY (with a southern drawl): Hiya, Fat, Flabby and Flat-Headed!

BUD: Aw, now, wait a minute. Don't insult Costello, Skinnay. Don't be a pill.

LOU: Skinnay ain't no pill. He's too long and narrow.


SKINNAY: Well, thank you, Costello.

LOU: You're a capsule!


LOU: You're a funny-lookin' hunter, Skinnay. Do you know anything about guns?

SKINNAY: I know guns inside and out. Why, man, when I was a kid with the 
circus, they used to shoot me out of an air rifle.


SKINNAY: What do you know about ...?


SKINNAY: What do you know about huntin', Costello?

LOU: Have you seen that big bear rug in my living room?


LOU: Well, I shot that bear myself. What a battle! It was either me or the 

SKINNAY: Well, I'm glad it was the bear. You'd make an awful lumpy rug.


BUD: Hey, look, Costello, here comes Marilyn Maxwell.

MARILYN: Hiya, boys!


MARILYN: And hello, Lois-- Louis, honey, my chubby little chucklin' chipmunk.

LOU: Aw, Marilyn, my sugar-coated sharpshooter.


LOU: Plug me with the buckshot of your kisses.

MARILYN: Awww. Louis, honey, how do you like my hunting outfit? Saks Fifth 

LOU: Get a load of mine. Army Surplus.


MARILYN: Aw, Louis, it's gonna be fun hunting with you. What's your favorite 
wild game?

LOU: Post Office.


MARILYN: Louis! Louis, Post Office isn't a wild game.

LOU: It is the way I play it.


MARILYN: Aw, Louis, my little snow man. Come melt in my arms.

LOU: Gee, Marilyn, when I'm close to you like this I just can't seem to break 

MARILYN: Why not?

LOU: My nose is caught in the trigger of your shotgun.


MARILYN: Well, Louis, if you'll excuse me, I'll go up to the hunting lodge 
and freshen up. As they say in Spanish, "Maņana [o ya] noches" to you.

LOU: And your mama's own nightshirt to you, too. Ha ha ha ha -- ha ha!


BUD: Hey, Costello, Costello. Look up on that mountaintop. Now, there's a 
mother stork and two little storks.

LOU: Yeah, Abbott. Can I ask you a question?

BUD: Well, certainly.

LOU: When the mama stork talks things over with the little storks, who does 
she say brings the babies?


SKINNAY: Help! Help!

GAME WARDEN: Beg pardon, pardners. Is there a skinny hombre in your party?

BUD: Uh, yes, there is. Why?

WARDEN: Well, you'd better go over thar and get him. A gopher just dragged 
him down into its hole.


BUD: Uh, who are you, stranger?

WARDEN: I'm the game warden.

LOU: Yeah? What's your game, Warden?


WARDEN: You want to know mah game, partner? I'll yell ya! It's parchesi!


WARDEN: But bein' up here in the wild country so much, I trained three little 
skunks to play bridge with me.

LOU: Is it a steep game?

WARDEN: No, we only play for a tenth of a (s)cent. Huh haah!


BUD: Uh, Warden, we're after some big game. Have you seen any hereabouts?

LOU: Hereabouts? Abbott, I thought we came up here to shoot deer. I wouldn't 
shoot a poor little hereabouts for anything in the world.


LOU: Anybody that would shoot a little hereabouts and make a widow out of a 
she-abouts ought to be ashamed of themselves.


BUD: Oh, shut up, you idiot. Uh, how about it, Warden? Is there any big game 
around here?

WARDEN: Well, there's a ferocious mountain lion that has been terrorizin' the 
countryside. He's been killin' the farmers' chickens and he's even been 
stealin' eggs.

LOU: At the price eggs are now, I don't blame him.


WARDEN: There's a reward of a thousand dollars to the man that gets that 
mountain lion. One of you boys ought to trap him.

LOU: Which one of us would you suggest?

WARDEN: Why don't you try, Tubby? You've got the biggest trap. Huh haah!


VOICES HOWLING IN PAIN: Ooooh! Ow! Oooh! Don't beat us anymore! Oh, no! Don't 
beat us anymore, please! Please, don't beat us anymore!


LOU: Hey, who are those guys?

WARDEN: That's the Nebraska football team!

LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE [Under coach Bernie Masterson, the University of 
Nebraska Cornhuskers football team went 5-13-0 (.278) in 1946-47.]

WARDEN: Now, remember, if you shoot that lion, I'll give you a thousand 
dollars for his skin. I need it to make stockings.

LOU: What kind of stockings can you make out of lion's skin?

WARDEN: Ny-lion stockings! Huh haah!


WARDEN: So long, Lard Head!



SKINNAY: Hey! Hey, you hear that, fellas? The lion's just north of us.

LOU: Which way's south?

BUD: Eh--!


BUD: Come here, you coward. You're afraid. You're not afraid to take a 
chance. You understand?

LOU: Yeah.

BUD: Now, take this cane. You see it?

LOU: Yeah.

BUD: The lion won't bite you if you're carrying a cane.

LOU: Yeah, but how fast do I have to be carryin' the cane?


LOU: I ain't monkeyin' around with no lions, Abbott. The last time I saw a 
lion was in the Adirondack Mountains.

BUD: What happened?

LOU: I snapped at the lion. Then the lion snapped at me. And then somethin' 
whizzed past.

SKINNAY: What was it?

LOU: Kansas City.


BUD: Sh. Quiet. I hear something. Listen.

MALE VOICE: I love you, ouch!

FEMALE VOICE: I love you, ouch!

MALE VOICE: I love you, ouch!

FEMALE VOICE: I love you, ouch!

BUD: Costello, what was that?

LOU: Two porcupines -- necking.



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Nothing but blue skies do I see

Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long

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Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
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FILTERED VOICE: ... according to a recent nationwide survey, more doctors 
smoke Camels than any other cigarette.



BUD: All right, Costello. All right, now, take it easy, kid, I'm right in 
back of ya. Don't worry about me. Here's the mouth of the cave. Now, go in 
there. That's a pal for ya. I let you go in and get the lion, didn't I?

LOU: You want me to go in and get the lion?

BUD: Certainly, I'm your friend.

LOU: Why don't you go in and get the lion?

BUD: Aw, what do you mean? You want me to go in? I have a family.

LOU: Oh. What I got?

BUD: Never mind what you've got. You go ahead in and get that lion.

LOU: Okay.

SKINNAY: Hey, what's the matter? You scared? Look at you. Your knees are 

LOU: I always knock before I enter a cave.



BUD: Take it easy. Buck up, Costello. And, remember, make the lion believe 
you're not afraid of him.

LOU: I couldn't be that deceitful.


BUD: You've got to think of those poor people who've lost their cattle and 
their chickens and their eggs on account of that lion. How can you face them, 
Costello? Think of it! How can you face them ... when they may be starving?

LOU: How can I face that lion? He may be starving, too.


MARILYN: Oh, there you are, Louis, honey. Oh, I'm so proud of you. I know 
you're going in that cave and kill that lion just for me.

LOU: I am?

MARILYN: Yes. And, Louis, honey, I'd do anything for you. Why, I'd climb the 
highest mountain. I'd swim the deepest river.

LOU: How do you like that? Here I am facing death and this dame is gonna go 
out climbing and swimming.


LOU: Okay. I'll go in. But if that lion runs out, don't nobody shoot at him.

BUD: Why not?

LOU: I may be inside of him.




LOU: Gee, it's certainly dark in this lion's cave.

NANCE VOICE: Why don't you light a match?


LOU: Who said that?

NANCE VOICE: It's me. The lion.


LOU: What do you know? A talkin' lion. I gotta -- I gotta tell Abbott, 
Skinnay, and Marilyn about this.

NANCE: Oh, no, no, you must never tell anyone. I'm a hermit and I just 
hate people.


NANCE: I wear this lion skin to scare them away. I live in this cave all 

LOU: How'd you find this cave with all the housing shortage?

NANCE: I subleased it from a bear that went on the road with a skating act.


LOU: You must get lonesome here all alone. Why don't you get a roommate?

NANCE: I had a roommate. An elk. And then the meat shortage came along ...


LOU: You mean that, uh, ...?

NANCE: You see this tooth hanging on this watch chain?

LOU: Yeah.

NANCE: Well, it ain't mine!


LOU: Look, Mr. Hermit, my girl is outside. I promised her I'd bring out the 
lion. Give me that lion skin and I'll take it out there and everybody'll 
think you're dead and nobody will bother you any more.

NANCE: Here, take the skin. Oh, goody, goody! Now, I can be a real hermit and 
then I won't be bothered by Lucille Ball, Betty Grable, or Marilyn Maxwell.


LOU: Gee, do they call you?

NANCE: No! That's what bothers me!



BUD: Say, look! Here comes Costello out of the cave.

MARILYN: Oh, my hero! Look, he has the lion's skin!

THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
Who is the greatest hunter of them all?
"Bring 'Em Back Alive" Costello!

MARILYN (sings):
When there is danger, who's the one they call?
"Bring 'Em Back Alive" Costello!

LOU (sings):
Once I found a baby leopard - with milk I filled his tummy
And then in some Egyptian tomb I helped him find his mummy


THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
He taught Tarzan everything he knows
When in danger, he's not yellow

MARILYN (sings):
Who looks dapper in his hunting clothes?
No one but my handsome fellow

LOU (sings):
One day I caught a tiger - I wasn't even tryin'
And in the movie house I caught a Metro-Goldwyn lion


THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
Brave, yes, indeedy - a threat to Clyde Beatty
The greatest hunter of them all


BUD: Costello.

LOU: Yeah?

BUD: You've hunted a lot of big game. Tell me, did you ever hunt bear?

LOU: I can't, Abbott. The bushes tickle me.


LOU: Once I saw a mink, though. I saw a mink playin' in the woods...


LOU: I picked 'im up and I said to him...
(sings, to the tune of "Laugh, Clown, Laugh")
Though you'll be a coat for Lana Turner
Laugh, mink, laugh
Though you'll be a lovely hat for Myrna
Laugh, mink, laaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!


LOU (sings):
At Cyril's you'll have the best table
Think of those cold nights with Bettyyyyyyy ... Shapiro!


LOU (sings):
When you're on display at Bullock's Wilshire
Giggle, mink, giggle


LOU (sings):
All your cares will vanish if your tail will 
Wiggle, mink, wigglllllllle, minnnnnnnk!


LOU (sings):
And don't be depressed - keep your skin up
When you see Frank Buck, just laaaaaaugh
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


LOU (sings):
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


LOU (sings high note):


MARILYN: Aw, Louis, honey, my brave adventurer. Some day you must take me 
hunting with you.

LOU: I will, Marilyn, my love. And you can ride on my papa jackass.


MARILYN: A papa jackass?


MARILYN: Well, how do you know he's married?

LOU: All jackasses are married.


MARILYN: Oh, my hero. Let's celebrate tonight. We'll go to the smartest 
restaurant for dinner, see the best show in town, and then visit all the 
swanky nightclubs.


MARILYN: Then, I'll kiss you good night and ...

LOU (squeals with delight): Oooohh.

MARILYN (sings "After You've Gone"):
After you've gone and left me cryin'
After you've gone, there's no denyin'
How lonesome I'll be
There's no one I'll see ...

LOU (sings): Until she finds another sucker like me!


THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
Who knows his jungles better than a book?
"Bring 'Em Back Alive" Costello!

MARILYN (sings):
Who'll charm a snake with one hypnotic look?
"Bring 'Em Back Alive" Costello!

LOU (sings):
I caught a baby penguin - he looked so awful cute
I haven't got the penguin but I'm wearing his dress suit!


THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
Who makes the wildest trapper look so tame?
No one else but Lou Costello

MARILYN (sings):
He makes the others hang their heads in shame
He's so groovy, he's so mellow!

LOU (sings):
I've captured famous animals from every living herd
I even caught a De-troit Tiger sliding into third!


THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
Brave, yes, indeedy - a threat to Clyde Beatty
The greatest hunter of them all

LOU: Heyyy, Abbooooooott!

THE FOUR HITS (singing): 
The greatest hunter of them all


LOU: Oh, boy. What a tough battle. But I won. Hey, Abbott, there is the 
lion's skin.

BUD: Wait a minute, Costello. There's something phony about this. Turn that 
skin over. Ah ha! I thought so! There's a label on that lion's skin, 
Costello. Come on -- read it!

LOU: Eastern Columbia, Broadway at Night!


ANNOUNCER: Abbott and Costello will be back in just a moment for Camel 

2ND ANNOUNCER: During the war, the makers of Camel cigarettes sent a total of 
more than one hundred and fifty million free Camels to our fighting men 
overseas. Now, free Camels are sent to servicemen's hospitals instead. This 
week the Camels go to Veteran's Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia; U.S. Army Valley 
Forge General Hospital, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania; U.S. Naval Hospital, 
Newport, Rhode Island; U.S. Marine Hospital, Staten Island, New York; and 
Veteran's Hospital, San Fernando, California.

ANNOUNCER: Camel broadcasts go out to the United States three times a week, 
are re-broadcast to practically every area in the world where our men are 
still stationed, and to our good neighbors in Central and South America. And 
here are Abbott and Costello with a final word.

BUD: By the way, Costello, the December tenth issue of Look Magazine has 
printed the pictures of your big barbecue party for the kids.

LOU: Yes, did you see it, Abbott?

BUD (angry): I did! I saw your picture, your wife's picture, your kids' 
pictures, and my picture! But I didn't see my wife Betty's picture! And I 
know they took Betty's picture! Now, where's my wife's picture? Why wasn't it 
in there?

LOU: Well, the fella that took your wife's picture couldn't develop it.

BUD: Why not?

LOU: He was afraid to go into the dark room with it alone!

BUD: Aw, good night, folks!

LOU: Nyaaah!


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"Grand Ole Opry" with Red Foley, the Duke of Paducah, and Minnie Pearl!


ANNOUNCER: Be sure to tune in next week for another great Abbott and Costello 
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THE FOUR HITS (singing): C-A-M-E-L-S!

ANNOUNCER: This is Jim Doyle in Hollywood wishing you all a pleasant good 
night for Camels. Thursday night is another all-star night on NBC. Stay tuned 
for "The Eddie Cantor Show" which follows immediately over most of these 


NETWORK ANNOUNCER: This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company.


Originally broadcast: December 12, 1946