Man in the Middle

[Transcript of 25 August 1945 broadcast
via Armed Forces Radio Service.
The first broadcast of this script 
would have been 6 March 1935 under
the title "After Five O'Clock."]

ANNOUNCER: Lights out!


JOHN: (THINKS TO HIMSELF) I wish I didn't have to stay here and work all day. 
I wish I could take a vacation and go to Bermuda or Nassau, Florida or 
somewhere. The grass is green in Bermuda. Green grass in March and the sky is 
blue instead of all gray and the sun is shining. I wish I was in Bermuda. I'm 
so tired and worried. Wish I had a big office with a nice davenport in it so I 
could lie down and sleep whenever I wanted to. I won't get to to bed until all 
hours tonight. 


JOHN: (THINKS) Here comes Patricia.


JOHN: (THINKS) Pretty girl. Patricia's a pretty girl. If Lucille knew about 
Patricia, she'd probably divorce me. I wouldn't like that very well. I 
wouldn't like it at all.

PATRICIA: I brought in those letters, Johnny. The ones about the stamping 

JOHN: (SPEAKS OUT LOUD) Oh, thanks, honey. 

(THINKS) You've got too much lipstick on. I suppose I've got to kiss you.


JOHN: (THINKS) That's the old stuff. If I didn't kiss you, you'd probably get 
sore. You're all right, Patricia, but I wish you wouldn't-- I don't know WHAT 
I wish. I like to kiss you but I don't like to have you expecting it all the 

(SPEAKS) Aw, come on. Give me just give me one little kiss, Pat. Come on.

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny. Please.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Oh, come on, sweetheart. 

(AFTER A PAUSE, THINKS) Now, I suppose I've got lipstick all over me. 
Patricia, you've got too much perfume on and you know how I hate the stuff. 
And that green dress. I give you money to buy new clothes and you wear that 
dreadful green thing all the time.

(SPEAKS, SWEETLY) Love me a little, Patsy?

PATRICIA: (SIGHS) I love you, Johnny. I DO love you -- darling.

JOHN: (THINKS) Well, that's all right. Only don't love me too much, baby. If 
Lucille finds it out, she'll tear your hair out. She's tough, Lucille is. The 
time she slapped that fling gal at the club--

PATRICIA: Come on, Johnny, stop. You've got to get those letters signed. Go 
ahead and sign 'em.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Oh, ho, there's no rush about the letters. 

(THINKS) But there is a rush about them -- they've got to get off in the air 

PATRICIA: There IS, too. They've got to go air mail to the coast tonight and 
I've got to get them ready for Harold to take to the post office. Now, you 
start signing 'em while I fix my face.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Well-- Aw, Pat!

PATRICIA: Go ahead.

JOHN: (THINKS) Smart girl. She'd like to neck but she knows her business. 
She's all right. Yes, sir, she's all right. 


JOHN: (THINKS) John R. Phillips. John R. Phillips. John R. Phillips. John R. 
Phillips. Phillips, Phillips -- I've got a funny name, Phillips. Nice 
signature. Wonder what a handwriting expert would say about it. Wish I could 
go to the coast along with these letters. Florida, the coast.

PATRICIA: I'll come in after five o'clock, shall I, Johnny?

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Huh? What?

PATRICIA: I'll come in after five o'clock?

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Oh, swell. You bet.

(THINKS) I wish you wouldn't come in after five o'clock. I get tired of this 
business, Patricia. I wish I could go down to the bar at five o'clock and have 
a drink. And have a Manhattan. And maybe I'd have another. And then I'd catch 
the 5:19, go home and have dinner and read the paper and go to bed early.

(SPEAKS) Well, they're all finished, darling.

PATRICIA: Oh, that's a good boy. You get one more kiss now for being [?]

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Thank you, Patsy. Sweet girl.

(THINKS) I wish I was in Bermuda. I wish I didn't have to stay here. That 
perfume smells awful. I don't like it. I hope nobody opens the door suddenly. 
Hurry up, take the letters and go away. If Lucille should open that door and 
look in here, she'd scratch your eyes out, Patricia. Hurry up and get this 
kissing over with.

PATRICIA: (BREATHLESS, COMING OUT OF A KISS) Oh, you're so sweet, Johnny.

JOHN: (CHUCKLES, SPEAKS) You're pretty sweet yourself, Patsy.

(THINKS, DISGUSTED) Stop calling me "Johnny" -- stop it. Stop calling me 
"Johnny" -- "Phillips" is bad enough. "Johnny, Johnny" -- it sounds like a ten 
year old kid. Go on, take the letters and get out. Please, Patricia.

PATRICIA: (FADING) See you after five o'clock, darling.



JOHN: (THINKS) Wonder what time it is. I wish Patricia would leave me alone. I 
can't get any work done today. I wish I'd gone to bed early last night. I wish 
I could go to bed early tonight. There's that silly bridge party. I hate 
bridge. I wish I could play bridge real good so I could win a lot of money. 
How much money can you win playing bridge? I could go to Bermuda if I could 
play bridge good enough to make a lot of money at it.


JOHN: (THINKS) Why do people have to call me up on the telephone? I suppose 
it's somebody I don't want to talk to. Somebody I owe money to. Maybe it's 
Lucille. Maybe it's King Crockett. Maybe it's Frank Lofgren. Maybe it's--



(THINKS) It's Lucille. What's she calling me up for?

(SPEAKS) Oh, hello, dear.

(THINKS) I wonder if she suspects anything about Patricia. I wonder if she--

(SPEAKS) Well, where have you been?

(THINKS) She never comes downtown suddenly like this.

(SPEAKS) Oh? Is that so? Well, how was the show?

(THINKS) You're a nice girl, Lucille. I like you. I love you, Lucille. I love 
you better than Patricia.

(SPEAKS) All right. What time?

(THINKS) If she comes up here to the office and runs into Patricia--

(SPEAKS) Half past five?

(THINKS) That'll give me time enough.

(LAUGHS, SPEAKS) I'll meet you, dear. Uh, where'll you be?

(THINKS) That's better. I can get out of the office. Too bad for you, 

(SPEAKS) All right, honey. Half past five at the Creon Bar. .. Okay. Uh huh. 
Good bye, darling.


JOHN: (THINKS) Still have time to neck with Patricia a few minutes before I 
go. That's all right - yes, sir, that's all right. Be just too bad if Lucille 
came here. She wouldn't come here, though. She hasn't been in the office in 
six months. Or is it seven months? Six or seven months. She always calls up.


JOHN: (THINKS) Who's this guy? 


JOHN: (THINKS) His face is familiar. What's he doing here? Who is he? Who are 
ya, fella? What do you want in my office? How did you get in?

(SPEAKS) Well, young man. Did you want to see me?

TOM: (FROM OFF) Are you John Phillips?



JOHN: (THINKS) Who are ya? The face is familiar. I don't know who you are. How 
did you get in here?

TOM: (CLOSE) I'm Patricia's brother.

JOHN: (THINKS) Patricia's brother? Now, what's HE going to do? He can't do 
anything. He doesn't know anything about Patricia, me. He doesn't know. I 
didn't do anything.

(SPEAKS) You're - Patricia's brother? Well, I--

TOM: I came here to tell ya that I want you to let her alone.

JOHN: (THINKS) Ah, I'm in for it. He's a big fellow. He'll probably beat me up 
and my name'll be in the paper.

(SPEAKS) Um - (CHUCKLES) I'm afraid I don't understand, young man. I--

TOM: You understand all right, Mr. Phillips. I want you to let her alone.

JOHN: (THINKS) If he starts to hit me, I'll stab him with this paper knife. He 
could beat me. 

(SPEAKS) Well, this is, uh-- I mean, Patricia is-- Well, what do you mean?

(THINKS) I'm talking like a fool. I never COULD keep my head when I'm scared. 
He thinks I'm a fool. I AM a fool.

TOM: You're - married, aren't you, Mr. Phillips?

JOHN: (THINKS) He knows all about me. He'll beat me up and he'll tell Lucille 

(SPEAKS) Well, yes, I'm married. Er, well, what about it?

(THINKS) I'll pick up the paper knife.

TOM: I don't want any married men running around with my sister. And I'm man 
enough to stop it. Is that plain?

JOHN: (THINKS) Why, who do you think you are? You think you're going to talk 
to me like that? You don't know that I've got a gun in my desk.

(SPEAKS) Well, I, uh-- (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Well, you see, this is, er, this 
is all really innocent, you know. Patricia and I, well, we--

TOM: I mean it. 

JOHN: (THINKS) Talking like a fool, like a fool, like a fool.

TOM: I'm just warning you, Mr. Phillips. I won't warn ya again. Just let me 
say this: I was welterweight champion of my brigade in the army. So -- take my 
advice and let Patricia alone.

JOHN: (THINKS) You'd better not make a pass at me. I'd shoot you. I'd kill 
you. I'm not going to be beaten up.

(SPEAKS) Well, I, er-- Of course, I, er-- I'm sorry, I--

(THINKS) Talking like a fool, a fool, a fool.

TOM: That so? Don't forget.


JOHN: (THINKS) There isn't anything wrong between Patricia and me. There isn't 
anything wrong. I've just kissed her a few times. She's a nice girl. I 
wouldn't harm her. She likes me. We're perfectly innocent. He could beat me up 
without half trying. I'd kill him, though. I'd have to kill him. It would be 
self-defense. It would be. Of course it would. They wouldn't do anything to 
me. Why, you young punk, you've got a lot of nerve coming into my office like 
that and threatening me. I could have you arrested. I could call up Chief 
[Ostram?] and have you put in jail for threatening me. I'm John R. Phillips. 
Phillips. I know what I'll do.


JOHN: (THINKS) Come into my office and threaten me - when I haven't done a 

(SPEAKS) Hello? Patricia?

(THINKS) Her brother. What do you know about that? Her brother. I didn't know 
she HAD a brother.

(SPEAKS) Uh, Patricia, did you, uh -- heh, heh, -- uh, did you see the visitor 
I just had?

(THINKS) Probably didn't see him. She wouldn't have let him come in.

(SPEAKS) Uh, your brother.

(THINKS) She didn't know anything about it. I knew she didn't.

(SPEAKS) Well, he came in to tell me to, um - (CHUCKLES) - to let you alone.

(THINKS) I should have hit him. If I'd've hit him, he'd've prob'ly killed me.

(SPEAKS) No. No, I'm not kidding. He came in here and told me if I didn't let 
you alone, he'd - (CHUCKLES) - he'd beat me up.

(THINKS) He could do it, too. Mm, not if I got the gun first. I'd kill him. 
Sure, I'd kill him. Wonder what it's like to kill somebody.

(SPEAKS) Well, I - just thought you'd like to know.

(THINKS) [?]

(SPEAKS) Well, never mind. Do you love me?

(THINKS) I'm an idiot to keep [?]. I'll get myself in a jam I can't get out 

(SPEAKS) Okay. After five o'clock.

(THINKS) After five o'clock. After five o'clock, he'll probably be waiting for 
her outside and maybe he'll come [after me?]. I have to get away quick, too, 
so I can meet Lucille after five o'clock. After five o'clock. After five 


JOHN: (THINKS) Five o'clock. [?] slow down till five o'clock. Another day 
finished. I wish Patricia would hurry. I have to get away. I can't let Lucille 
wait. She'll be suspicious. I wish she wasn't so suspicious always. I wonder 
if that brother of Patricia's is still outside. I wish she'd come in.


JOHN: (THINKS) Here she comes now. What do I see in her? She's beautiful but 
I'd hate to be married to her.

(SPEAKS) Hello, Patsy.

(THINKS) The way she eats ice cream. She licks it off the spoon. It makes me 

PATRICIA: (WORRIED) Oh, Johnny! What in the world did Tom say?

JOHN: (THINKS) He said plenty. He scared me to death.

(SPEAKS) Tom? Who - who's Tom? Oh - (CHUCKLES) - your brother. Why, er, why, 
he said, uh, I had to let you alone. That's all.

PATRICIA: He did? Oh, Johnny! Did he threaten you?

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Well, he warned me that he'd been welterweight champion of the, 
er, of something or other. 

(THINKS) He said he was welterweight champion of his brigade. How big is a 

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny, he's terrible. He'd beat a man up just because the man 
spoke to him in the street.

JOHN: (THINKS) Well, he won't beat me - not if I can get to my gun. I guess 
I'll carry the gun with me in my pocket.

(SPEAKS) Well, uh, you WANT me to let you alone, darling?

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny.

JOHN: (THINKS) I wish you'd say yes. I wish you'd say, "Yes, let me alone 
forever." I wish you'd--

(SPEAKS) Well, Patsy?


JOHN: (THINKS, DISGUSTED) Cut the bawling. You look terrible when you bawl. 
Your face is all screwed up. You make a terrible face. Cut it out. You look 

(SPEAKS, SOOTHING) Don't cry, sweetheart. Please don't cry, honey.

(THINKS, DISGUSTED) Bawling like a kid. Makin' awful faces. Your mouth open. 
Looks awful. Women look terrible when they bawl. I wish I'd never seen you. 
Patricia, stop bawling.

(SPEAKS, SOOTHING) Don't cry, honey. It's all right. I - I guess I'd BETTER 
let you alone, Patricia, after all. I've - I've got no business loving you and 
- going on this way, I'm - well, I'm - just a fool, I guess, darling.

(THINKS) That's a good line. Only trouble is, it makes her bawl even more. 
Will you pipe down? Will you stop that? Shut up. Stop bawling, Patricia. If 
your brother comes in here now--

PATRICIA: John, I love you so much. I can't give you up.

JOHN: (THINKS) That's just fine - only, baby, you'd better give me up 'cause 
it's going to get me in a jam. I know it is.

(SPEAKS) There, there, Patsy darling. Stop crying now and kiss me. Come on. 
Kiss me.

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny.

JOHN: (THINKS) Why do I do these dumb things? Why don't I say "Go on, get out, 
let me alone"? I don't want to get beaten up. I don't care about you, 
Patricia. I really love Lucille. But you're pretty nice and you kiss nice - 
only you're getting lipstick all over me.

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny. Please, please don't give me up either, Johnny. I love 
you, Johnny.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Oh, darling.

(THINKS) "Johnny, Johnny," I wish you'd stop calling me "Johnny." I wish you'd 
go - I have to go and meet Lucille.

PATRICIA: If Tom beat you up, I don't know what I'll do, Johnny.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) He isn't gonna beat me up, sweetheart. Don't you worry. Now 
kiss me.

(THINKS) He's not gonna beat me up. If he does, I can [?] somehow. I don't 
know how but I'll-- Patricia, you're all right but I'm not going to fall down 
with any girl with a tough brother, no sir. Not me.

(SPEAKS) Kiss me again, Patsy darling. I love you.

(THINKS) Now, why did I say "I love you"? I'm going crazy, I'm a fool. I 
didn't mean to say that. I didn't want to say "I love you." I don't love you. 
You're nice but I don't love you. I don't. I love Lucille. Lucille is probably 
waiting for me right now.

PATRICIA: (RELIEVED) Oh, Johnny. I love you, too.

JOHN: (THINKS) Fine, dear, but I don't love you. I kinda feel sorry for ya but 
I don't love you. I don't love you, Patricia. It would be a terrible thing 
being married to you. And the next thing, we'll start talking about divorcing 
Lucille and I love, I love, I love Lucille.


JOHN: (THINKS) The door's opening -- who is it?


JOHN: (THINKS) Lucille!

LUCILLE: Well -- !



LUCILLE: A very pretty little tableau indeed.

JOHN: (THINKS) Now, I'm in a fix. What'll I do? I can't explain this to 
Lucille, that I don't love Patricia, I can't. What can I do? Oh, dear, oh, 
God. Please, God, help me. Help me get out of this. Help me.

LUCILLE: (ICILY) Who is this WOMAN, John?

JOHN: (THINKS) The way she said "woman"!

(SPEAKS) Why, er, why, Miss, er, er, er, Miss Parmely, er, Mrs. Phillips.

(THINKS) I must be a fool! Introducing them as though they were at a party, 
you fool.

LUCILLE: Perhaps you should explain what this is all about, John?

JOHN: (SPEAKS) Well, uh, Lucille, er-- Well, you see, uh, I -- Miss Parmely 

PATRICIA: I - I think I can explain, Mrs. Phillips.


PATRICIA: I -- I love Johnny.

LUCILLE: Is that so?

JOHN: (THINKS) She thinks she loves me now. What can I do? Lucille -- believe 
me, please -- I don't love her. I don't. Oh, God, please help me out of this.

LUCILLE: How very interesting. And John loves you, I take it?

JOHN: (THINKS) No, I don't. No, I don't. No, I don't love her. I love you, 

PATRICIA: Yes. He loves me, too.

JOHN: (THINKS) I do not. I do not love you. I love Lucille.

LUCILLE: Is this true, John?

JOHN: (SPEAKS) I, er, I -- Yes. I - love her, Lucille.

(THINKS) I shouldn't have said that. I lied. I'm a fool. Why did I say that?

LUCILLE: You really love this - this little tramp, John?

PATRICIA: Who are you calling a tramp? You--

LUCILLE: I called YOU a tramp, young woman.

PATRICIA: Why, I'll scratch your eyes out!


JOHN: (THINKS) Now-- [?] Lucille [?]. She got me into this mess. Oh, stop!

(SPEAKS) Stop it! Lucille! Patricia! Stop it! Stop it, I say! Now, stop this, 
both of you! Lucille! Let go of her, Patricia. Now, sit down here, both of 
you. Won't do either of you any good to act [this way.]

PATRICIA: John, my dress is all torn.

JOHN: (THINKS) That dreadful green dress. I'm glad it's torn. Lucille beat you 
up pretty well. Lucille's a good scrapper. Nice work, Lucille.

(SPEAKS, SOOTHING) It's all right, darling. Now, now, sit down here. 

(THINKS) "Darling" -- I'm a fool. I don't love you. I don't, I don't.

LUCILLE: I'm sorry I lost my temper, Miss Parmely. I'm sorry.

PATRICIA: (SAVAGE) I hate you.

JOHN: (THINKS) You shut up. Don't you talk to Lucille that way.

(SPEAKS, TRIES TO BE REASONABLE) Now, Patricia, darling, please--

PATRICIA: Oh, John, I--

LUCILLE: John, how long has this been going on?

PATRICIA: (PROUD) It's been going on for a long time. We love each other.

JOHN: (THINKS) We do not. She just thinks she loves me and I don't love her at 
all. I don't, Lucille. I don't.

LUCILLE: Oh, I see.

JOHN: (THINKS) No, you don't see, Lucille. You don't see.

LUCILLE: I suppose you want me to divorce John, then, so - you and he can be 

JOHN: (THINKS) Oh, Lucille, don't divorce me. What'll I do without you? 
What'll I do? Please, Lucille. Don't divorce me. I love you, Lucille. We love 
each other.

LUCILLE: Is that right, miss?

PATRICIA: Yes, that's right.

JOHN: (THINKS) Don't listen to her, Lucille. Don't listen to her, please. 
Don't listen to her, Lucille. I don't want to marry her.

LUCILLE: What do YOU think, John?

JOHN: (THINKS) I don't want a divorce, Lucille. I don't want anything. Oh, no, 
Lucille. Please, Lucille. Don't--

(SPEAKS) I, er, well, it's - it's up to you, Lucille.

(THINKS) Why did I say that? Why did I--? No, don't divorce me, Lucille. I 
can't live without you. I'll die, Lucille. I'll die without you. If I could 
only explain--


JOHN: (THINKS) Who's that? I bet it's her brother. I knew he'd come up here. 
Oh, why did he have to--? Leave me alone. Go away. Please go away.


LUCILLE: You'd better go to the door, John.

JOHN: (THINKS) I can't go to the door, Lucille. I can't. Oh, Lucille. I love 


TOM: Is Patricia here?

JOHN: (THINKS) I knew that he'd come. I knew it. Now, he's going to start all 
over again. What can I do? What can I do?

(SPEAKS) Yes. Uh, she's here. Uh, come in.


TOM: Patricia? I've come to take you home.

JOHN: (THINKS) If she'll only go with him. If she'll just go with him. Go away 
from here.

PATRICIA: I won't go with you, Tom.

JOHN: (THINKS) Go with him, Patricia, never come back.

LUCILLE: And who is THIS, may I ask?

TOM: I'm Patricia's brother. I don't know who YOU are.

LUCILLE: I - I'm Mrs. Phillips.


JOHN: (THINKS) Now he'll tell her that he came up here to warn me this 
afternoon. It'll be worse than ever. Oh, why did this have to happen to me? 
Oh, why? Why? Why did it?

TOM: You seem to have stepped in on a very pleasant little scene, Mrs. 
Phillips. You have my sympathy.

LUCILLE: Thank you. You knew about this, I take it?

TOM: Yes. Come on, Patricia.

LUCILLE: I think Patricia prefers to remain here.

JOHN: (THINKS) Oh, Lucille. Please, Lucille, don't. I love you, Lucille. Let 
him take her. Go on. Get out. Get out, both of you. Get out.

TOM: Patricia. We're getting out of this. We're going home.

PATRICIA: No, I'm going to stay right here. You can't make me go, Tom.

JOHN: (THINKS) Yes, you can. You're her brother. Make her go. I'll go crazy, 
I'll go crazy, I know I will. I can't stand this. I can't. Oh, please, make 
her go.

TOM: Mrs. Phillips, I - I'm sorry. My sister-- (CONTINUES UNDER FOLLOWING)

JOHN: (THINKS) Go on, take her. Make her go with you. Make her go. Make her 
go. Please make her go away. Please do. Lucille, make him take her away. Make 
him take her.

LUCILLE: (SYMPATHETIC) I know. It's all right. I mean, it - it seems to be 
rather complicated.

TOM: Come on, Patricia.

PATRICIA: You let me alone.

JOHN: (THINKS) I won't, I won't do it. Take her. Oh, make her go with you. Go 

(SPEAKS) Uh, let her alone, uh, Tom.

TOM: Phillips, I don't know why I don't beat you within an inch of your 
worthless life.

JOHN: (THINKS) You make a move, I'll get the pistol out of the desk and kill 
you. I'll kill you -- all of you. You and your sister and Lucille and myself. 
I'll kill you all.

LUCILLE: (REASONABLE) Tom, I don't think that would do a great deal of good.

TOM: No, I - I suppose it wouldn't.

LUCILLE: Well, John, we might as well talk this out. No use going insane - as 
we did a few moments ago. There must be a way out. Sit down.

JOHN: (THINKS) Lucille, if I could only explain to you, if I could only tell 
you but you wouldn't believe me, I can't tell you.

PATRICIA: I don't think there's anything to talk about. You'll simply have to 
divorce him.

JOHN: (THINKS) No, no, no, Lucille, don't listen to her. I don't want to marry 
her, I don't want her.

LUCILLE: Sit down, John.

JOHN: (THINKS) Oh, Lucille, you've always helped me. Please, get me out of 
this. Please, Lucille. I love you. Please get me out of it. Dear God, please 
help Lucille get me out of this, please, God.

LUCILLE: Now, Miss, uh - Parmely, is it? You're sure you want John badly 
enough to take him away from me? 


JOHN: (THINKS) She can't have me, Lucille. She can't have me. If you divorce 
me, Lucille, I'll kill myself. I will. I'll die. I can't live without you, 
Lucille. Oh, Lucille, you know me so well. You love me, Lucille. This girl is 
nothing to me. Lucille, don't forget me. Lucille, don't forget how we loved 
each other all the time in school.

PATRICIA: I'm perfectly sure. You've got to divorce him.


JOHN: (THINKS) You won't let me go, Lucille. You won't. You'll throw me away. 
I wish I had a cigarette. Where are the cigarettes? They're in the desk 


JOHN: (THINKS) Cigarettes. Oh. There's the pistol. Lucille, if you throw me 
away, if you divorce me, you'll kill me. I'll take the pistol and blow my 
brains out. 


JOHN: (THINKS) I wonder what it feels like to blow my brains out, I wonder. 
I'll find out if you let me go, Lucille. I'll kill myself. I will, I will.

TOM: Mrs. Phillips? Patricia's too young to know exactly what she does want. 
She's a flighty kid. She doesn't really love your husband. He's just - well, 
fascinating to her because - well, he's a successful businessman and-- 

JOHN: (THINKS) "Successful businessman"? That's not what they'll say in the 
papers -- I won't be a "successful businessman." I'll be a fool. And I am a 
fool! A fool. Oh, why did this have to happen to me? It can't happen to me. 
It's a dream.

PATRICIA: I don't care what Tom says about me, Mrs. Phillips. If he thinks I'm 
just a fool, he's a--  I'm old enough to know my own mind! (CONTINUES UNDER 

JOHN: (THINKS) You're a fool, too, Patricia. We're all fools. Fool. I don't 
want you. Oh, Lucille, look at me. Lucille, please look at me. I love you, 
Lucille. If you'll just look at me, you'll know I love you. Please, Lucille.

LUCILLE: John isn't the easiest person in the world to get along with, young 

JOHN: (THINKS) You got along with me, Lucille. I know I'm hard to get along 
with, I'm crazy and I'm a fool -- but you love me. You loved me enough to 
fight over me. You can be wrong but you're the wisest person in the world. You 
love me, Lucille.

PATRICIA: I don't care! I love him and I'm going to marry him! (CONTINUES 

JOHN: (THINKS) No, you're not. If Lucille won't have me, I'll - I'll - I'll 
kill myself. I'll kill myself with the pistol [?] in the desk drawer. I will. 
I will.

LUCILLE: Well, let's ask John about it. John, dear, do you really and truly 
love this girl?

JOHN: (THINKS) No, no, no, I don't love her, Lucille. I don't love her. I 
don't, I say, Lucille. I love you, you, you, you.


JOHN: (SPEAKS) I, er, I--

PATRICIA: Of course you love me, Johnny darling.

JOHN: (SPEAKS) I-- Yes. I--

(THINKS) [?] I'm going crazy. What have I done? I've lost you, Lucille. I've 
lost you, dearest.

(SPEAKS) Lucille, I-- I--

(THINKS) I can't talk. I'm crazy. [?] Oh, Lucille, if you could only see my 
thoughts, if you only could know how I love you. I can't stand this, I can't 
stand this.

TOM: This is all very painful, Mrs. Phillips. (CONTINUES UNDER FOLLOWING)

JOHN: (THINKS) If you'd only take your sister and take her away from here and 
let me talk to Lucille, I could make Lucille understand. Oh, Lucille, don't 
look at me like that. Lucille, if you'd only come over here to me, and hold 
your hand on my shoulder, everything'll be all right. You'd understand.

(SPEAKS) Patricia, I - I -

PATRICIA: Oh, Johnny, darling.

TOM: Sit down, Patricia.

JOHN: (THINKS) That's right, make her sit down. She's a fool, she's a fool. 
Oh, what am I going to do? What CAN I do? What, Lucille dearest, what?

LUCILLE: Miss Parmely, I love John a great deal. (CONTINUES UNDER FOLLOWING)

JOHN: (THINKS) Oh, Lucille. You do love me. You love me. You don't want to 
lose me. [?] Lucille, [?] because you love me. You want me to be happy. Oh, 
Lucille, I would never deliberately harm you. You're the most wonderful woman 
in the world. I love you, Lucille, I love you.

PATRICIA: But I - I'm afraid I love him a great deal.

JOHN: (THINKS) Lucille. Lucille, darling. Why can't you [?] go home. We're 
going to play bridge. Now come on, let's play bridge. [?] Get Patricia out of 
here, Tom. Take her away.

PATRICIA: I know, I'm sorry. I can't help loving him, Mrs. Phillips. It's 
terrible, I know, but -- I do love him.

JOHN: (THINKS) God. Oh, God. What can I do? What can I do?

LUCILLE: (GENTLY) I know, my dear. (MATTER OF FACT) Well, John, I suppose we 
could see Carl [Bradley?] about the divorce. Um, we still have to [go this 

JOHN: (THINKS) Lucille! Lucille, you can't do this, you can't. You can't, you 
can't. You're not going to let me go. You're not going to divorce me.

(SPEAKS) Lucille, I - I -

(THINKS) Lucille, I'll kill myself. The gun is right here in the drawer. I'll 
shoot myself. I've got to, Lucille. I won't let you go. No, no, no, I won't, 


(THINKS) I'll kill myself, Lucille. Oh, Lucille, don't you see? I love you.


JOHN: (THINKS) It's no use. The gun is [here?] I'm afraid to. I'm afraid to 
die. But I can't go on living without you. I can't. I can't.

TOM: Put down that gun!

JOHN: (THINKS) No, no, I won't, Tom. Goodbye, Lucille, goodbye.





JOHN: (THINKS) I don't feel any different. Blood. All over. 

(DESPAIRINGLY) Oh, Lucille. Lucille. I love you, Lucille. I'll love you 
always, Lucille.

PATRICIA: (WEEPS) Johnny! Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny! (ANGRILY, TO LUCILLE) 
You! You!

TOM: Patricia! Pat! Don't!

PATRICIA: He did it because of you, Mrs. Phillips!




JOHN: (AFTER A PAUSE, FILTERED) Why, Lucille. Where did you come from, 
Lucille? I was just thinking that I love you.

LUCILLE: (FILTERED, TENDERLY) I know you love me, John. I love YOU. That's why 
I had to give you up. I love you, John. I love you.

JOHN: (FILTERED, HAPPY) Now, we'll always be together. Won't we, Lucille?

PATRICIA: (IN DESPAIR) Oh, Johnny, Johnny. I can't go on without you. (WEEPS) 
Oh, Johnny. Johnny. Johnny. Johnny.

TOM: Pat. Pat, please. (URGENTLY) No, Pat, don't!

PATRICIA: Goodbye, Tom, I'm - I'm sorry it's such a mess.


TOM: Pat!

JOHN: (FILTERED, GENUINELY) Lucille, I love you - love you, love you. I will 
never love anybody BUT you.

PATRICIA: (FILTERED, DREAMILY) Johnny? I'm here. I'm with you, Johnny. I love 
you. I love you!

JOHN: (FILTERED) Oh, no! Patricia! (IN DESPAIR) Lucille? Where are you, 
Lucille? Now I've got to start all over again! All over again. Over again. 


JOHN: (MUMBLES) Over again.

LUCILLE: John? John, dear? Aren't you going to wake up?

JOHN: (AWAKENS) What? Why -- where am I?

LUCILLE: (CHUCKLES) You're in bed, darling.

JOHN: Huh? 

LUCILLE: Where'd you think you were?

JOHN: Oh. Ooh, I don't know. I - guess I was dreaming. (URGENTLY) Is it - is 
it really you, Lucille? You're - you're really here? There's - there's nobody 
- with ya?

LUCILLE: (LAUGHS, AMUSED) Of course not, silly. Who in the world WOULD be with 
me? Hurry up now and get dressed. I'll have your breakfast ready.

JOHN: Oh, yeah - (CHUCKLES) - breakfast.

LUCILLE: Scrambled eggs and bacon, too. Oh, don't you go back to sleep now. 
You'll be an hour late getting to the office as it is. 


LUCILLE: (EXITING) I'll see you downstairs, dear.

JOHN: (CHUCKLES) All right, honey.


JOHN: (TO HIMSELF) Whew! Oh, boy. What a dream. 


JOHN: Hello, uh, this is John Phillips. Will you connect me with my secretary, 
please? (PAUSE, CLEARS THROAT) Hello, Patricia? Uh, this is Mr. Phillips. ... 
No. Not "Johnny" -- MISTER Phillips. I won't be down to the office today but 
in the meantime -- I want you to go to the cashier and get your check! You're 



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