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We are here to bring Mississippi the best in discount car and truck audio equipment.Name brands! Never been opened! Warrenties!
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2 Legacy Predaters in Brand box
*News* 11/14/07
This site is under construction. All sub products are up, however, more are coming soon like Wild Beast, and X-Gear subs. We will also be adding Eq's for as low as $50, these Eq's have bass boosts that gives your subs twice the power!

More info. later,
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Cadence Mallets
There are two ways to buy your products, the first is to send us cash or check, call one of the numbers to the right to speak with one of us, after recieving the cash or after your check has cleared, your product will be shipped directly to your house. The second way is to print out our legaly binding contract, which we will have available on this site later, fill it out and send it to us personaly or through mail. Your products will be ordered once we recieve the contract, however, you will not be able to recieve your products untill you pay the full amount stated in the contract. If payement isn't rendered one week after your products arrive, court action will be taken. The only way to get out of this is to pay up, make a deal with us to extend the time, or if we happen to sell your products to someone who has the money up front.

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