Ellendale Fire Department
This page is created for the people to have an inside look at the Ellendale Fire Department.
Ellendale Fire Department is a rural department located in Alexander County N.C. Consisting of about 20 square miles mainly of woodland we proudly protect about 3500 people in our district. Ellendale is proudly led by Chief Micheal Nail. At the present time we consist of 22 members. We respond out of 1 station which houses 5 apparatus. 2 Freightliner pumper/tankers, 1 Ford pumper, 1 Ford tanker, and 1 Ford brush truck.
Scanner Frequencies

Alex Fire   (Main)  154.325

Alex Fire 2            154.235

Alex EMS             155.115

Alex Resq.            155.280

Alex Resq. 2         155.295

Alex. Sheriff         155.490

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Special thanks to the members of the Bethlehem Fire Department for the use of their extrication tools and equipment in the class on Saturday March 9,2002.
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30 Ellendale Fire Dept. Rd. Taylorsville,NC 28681     828-632-2611
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