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Hello.  My name is Zach and my site is dedicated to emulators, roms, some comics, and other cool thigs.  My site deals with snes, game boy, and nes roms and emulators.  I wlll give reviews of both roms and emulators, and hopefully be able to provied a few for you playing pleasure.

Emulation isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life.  Just a year ago you could find nearly any game or emulator you desired without a hassle, but times are changing.  Many internet securities are closing in on emulation, and trying to minimize the number of games available.  I will try and help you pursuade these hassles and find what you are looking for.  i will do this by either providing the games or emulators myself, or giving you access to other websites that have them.
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About Me
Name: Zach
Email: www.emulation207_official@hotmail.com
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