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-What is Custom MIDI? Custom MIDI is MIDI made according to a person's request. For instance, if an event is approaching and you don't have a pianist at hand, or a recording of a particular piece, Custom MIDI is quite useful. You may then ask a Custom MIDI arranger, alike myself, to arrange and sequence the piece you need.
-What is MIDI still? MIDI stands for Musical Interface Digital Intrument. MIDI is a way in which electronic musical instruments communicate that has revolutionized music arrangement and composition. On a computer, a sound card installed on it translates these MIDI messages into musical sounds. Like my own, a well arranged/sequenced MIDI can sound very realistic; sounding very close to the authentic instruments. Listen to my works on eMusicals for instances of my work. For more information on MIDI, visit my 411 MIDI Page.
-E-mail me at MIDI@eMusicals.cjb.net should you require more information.

If you would like to order MIDI, email for a free quote. The cost will vary according to the total time it takes to sequence, in hours. This depends on the length and orchestration of the piece. A piece orchestrated for a full orchestra or jazz orchestra will take much longer than a piece arranged solely for piano and voice. I am, however, able to sequence a piece as quickly as my human brain and hands allow. Also, if you have the sheet music available, of which you may send me a copy, the process will be much faster. If you don't have the sheet music available, I may attempt to transcribe it from an existing source.

I may also do full scores for productions. E-mail me for a free quote. We will work together to make the final product what you desire. The cost for a score will vary depending, again, on the number of hours it will take to complete, though the rate is lower than that for single pieces. Remember that these are long works, hence, they take some time to complete. E-mail me with a deadline (even a short notice), and we could work something out.

Remember: you are paying me to sequence the piece; you are responsible for any copyrights regarding its performance and its use.

The final product, at your desire, may be sent to you via e-mail or snail-mail. It may also be sent to you on a CD so that it plays on any CD-player capable of reading CD-Rs.
-If you are interested in Custom MIDI, and/or for further information, email me at: MIDI@eMusicals.cjb.net.

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