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My favourite holiday

Four years ago my mum / dad and I sat down and discussed where to go on holiday. We all agreed that Jamica would be the ideal place. We got out our map and I was surprised how far it was, and how long that it would take to get there (9 hours from London). I remember feeling the heat as we got out of the plane and was glad of the air conditioning on the large coach which took us to our hotel. The journey to our hotel was a bit frightenening going through the shanty towns and seeing the families living in huts the size of our garage and seeing the women cooking and washing outside with the children running about or playing football at the side of the road. None of the them wore shoes and I felt a bit guilty when we arrived at our hotel and complex, But I soon forgot about the poverty as I jumped in to the large pool. My mum carried on with all the unpacking as my dad andI explored the hotel complex the beach bel;onmged to the hotle and the local people weren't allowed to use it. There were armed guards everywhere and the hotel security were very tight this . This was due to the poverty on the is;land. I couldn't believe my eyes when my dad and I ca,me across an encloised lake with trees and plants. Besid ethe lake we could see bones and feathers lying around . We soon discovered what this was all about . When the gardener and explained to us that the lake contained croccodiles, he told us what time to be ther ethe next day to see them having their meal. The rep tld us to stay up as long as we could the first night to prevent jetlag due to the long flight , but this wasn't possible because after having our eveenigng meal we could hardly keep our eyes open and were all in bed by 8;30 and iup the next morning at 5:30. Thios was a very strange feeling. My favourite part of the holiday was the beach, which had every kind of water sport we could want. My dad and I tried everythi ng while our mum watched us from her sunbed. MY dad and I weren't very good at sialing .I ha dto be rescued a number oif times by the beach guards. WE were taken out on a speed boat to an area coveredd by coral to snorkel and I will never forget the sightys of all the large fiash and their coulours for a long time. We wer asked to attend 3 weddings by people we had met and it was great fun. I could write a lot more abvout this fantastic holiday and all the thing swe did but I will always remember just how friendly the Jamaicans were to us. These people seemed so happy even though they were very, very poor compared to all of us.