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Because the ability to communicate effectively plays an important part in an accountant's success on the job, many employers screen prospective accountants for adequate skills in oral and written communication. In fact, one study shows communication skills to be the most important factor in decisions to hire. Employers view the ability to write and speak effectively as even more important than a prospective employee's academic results.
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" ability to communicate effectively important to accountant's success
" important factor in decision to hire
" employers value communication skills even more than academic results

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Employers recognise the importance of oral and written communication in accounting, and therefore prefer to hire graduates with effective communication skills.
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Parents often say their kids turn into emotional yo-yos once adolescence sets in. "My friend claims her daughter had PMS for three years until she finally had her period. Then everything fell into a rhythm and life was fine," says Sue Hammerton, a nurse who works at Centennial High School and teaches classes on puberty for Poudre Valley Hospital. Part of the emotional rollercoaster is caused by hormones, Hammerton says, but much of it is caused by trying to manage busy, complicated social lives. "Kids, especially pre-teens, constantly worry about whether they fit in or not. They think they are at the center of the universe and everyone is watching them," says Hammerton. " When they feel insecure, they might throw dirt on their home life, because that is where they can let it all hang out." That's the time to remember it's probably not about you. Your teen is going through emotional changes that are often frightening. "Teens feel isolated. They are no longer kids and not quite adults. They don't know where to fit in," says [Dr.] McGinnis. This can make for some chaotic moments. The challenge for parents, jokes McGinnis, is to "try to maintain your self-esteem while being totally devalued by your children." He recommends being deaf during heated moments. In other words, don't be pulled into a fight. That doesn't mean giving in, but rather saying you'll discuss the situation at a different time.
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In her article, "Surviving the Teen Years," Lynn Utzman-Nichols, a frequent contributor to Fort Collins-Greely-Loveland Parent Magazine, discusses how parents can cope with the "emotional rollercoaster" their adolescent children ride through their teen years. While hormones do contribute to some of the changes parents see, Utzman-Nichols feels that worries about their place in society are a larger factor in causing stress for teenagers-stress, she says, that they sometimes relieve by taking out their anger and fears on their parents. She advises parents to not take their children's' emotional outbursts personally. Also, parents should not react to their children's anger right away. Instead, they should postpone discussing the problem until a calmer moment.

Lynn Utzman-Nichols, in her article, "Surviving the Teen Years" argues that parents should simply ignore their children's emotional outbursts during adolescence. Parents need to recognize that their children are not really concerned with their parents' opinions anymore, but only care about "fitting in" to their peer group. Home becomes a convenient dumping ground for their fears and worries, she says.
This summary is inaccurate in several ways. Utzman-Nichols did not recommend "simply ignoring" a teenager's outbursts. Rather, she suggested waiting. Also, while she does say teenagers are very concerned with their peer group, she never says they don't care about their parents' opinions anymore