23/11/01: WOOHOO is all i can say!!we have finally made it onto a punk compilation cd on Milliepeed Records!!the cd will feature 3 of our tunes..what ones havent been decided yet..so drop us some ideas on the guestbook..the cd will contain these 7 bands "BeerBong,Boneweary,Turtlehead,Fire Apple Red,DxPxAx,SpyHole and Muff...the release date has not been announced but the cd will be called "7 ways to see the world" and to the right u will see what the cover will look like..we will be featurin on a local comp. cd also..but ill keep ya updated on that one..anyways..have fun people!!

16/11/01: Hey hey...CD is all done..but wont be for sale for a while yet..not till a cover and that is decided..the cd will be called "Grab Your Barse And Squeeze It"..it will contain 8 of the finest MUFF tracks available..i have added some pics on the live pics page..some old pics and new pics..anyways..just keepin this one short..have fun ox

13/11/01: Ok the CD is abit late on release..it should be available on the 14th of Nov...we are in the studio again tonight to finish it off so it should definetly be out tommorow..there should be some new pics on the site within the next 48hrs..i will post on the guestbook when they go up..READ---> we have been asked to feature on a new comp cd that will be cumin out..thats all i can just now..but i will keep u informed..anyways..thats it for now..have fun..

08/11/01: Wow...its been a while i know since i updated this..sorry about that...but things are all back to normal right now..we are currently in the studio makin our new cd..and its soundin really good..it will be available on Sat 10th of Nov. and will be available priced 4 and will have 4 spankinly new tracks..4 i hear u say?..this cd will have 8 tracks 2 it..and maybe some bonus tracks..so it will be almost a full length...so its well worth it im sure..i will keep this short coz im gonna update it everyday we are recordin..so check back 2mo and see whats goin on...all drum tracks are down and some bass parts!P.S. for anyone who was at the halloween gig..we are really sorry about that one..hahaha..the equipment failed us..and we were all drunk..we have decided to take a month or so out from gigs right now..and write more stuff and tighten up..and focus on the cd..anyways..have fun!!

04/10/01: Hey ho everyone...we had to cancel our recordin due to andy (sound man) bein sick..but dont worry we have rebooked it and now are goin in for 3 days..we will be back in on the 7th,8th, and 9th of November..i know its still a while away..but im sure you will all survive..uh hu..we have about 4-5 new gigs lined up and i will update the gigs page when we know when the dates are..we know that one of the gigs is a headliner to finish off the 7 days tour that sit on the floor records are doin..so it should be fun..ok grammar gig kicked ass and every band/rap act kicked fuckin ass..and i cant wait till the next one..we have put some pics we took of the show up on the pics page...so go check em out..and there are some new gig dates been put up..anyways.keep it punk!!peace out :o

19/9/01: Sorry we have taken so long to update this bitch..but we all been busy..anyways..another fun as fuck gig behind us, Los Destructos seriously kick ass!!try get a hold of their cd!!anyways...thanx for everyone who came..we took like 60!!!! pics of the show..so some of them will be up on the pics page..(thanx to colin for takin em)..and no thanx to beanzy for forgetin how to play most of our tunes!!but it dont matter...we had a shit load of fun!!we have the set on mini disk so if anyone wants 1 them give us a shout and a blank tape...we have another gig lined up in harleys..on Halloween!!so u better all dress like a bunch of tits!!we have to get the place packed out that night!!so pleez pleez pleez tell your friends and family..and pets!!!we will also have our new tracks on our cd and will be selling that!!priced 4!!if ya buy more than 2 copys ill shout you a free drink!!!temptin eh?didnt think so...anyways.. next gig is in carluke uc (street level) so get ur asses over there if ya can!!!anyways..thanx again!!have fun!!!P.S. the pics page has been updated and so has the members bios!!so go check em out!!

07/9/01: Ok where do i start..??we have a busy few weeks ahead of us..and 2 great gigs behind us..starka bar was a great gig and brutal goose kicked serious ass!!it was a tough crowd but i think at least some of them enjoyed it..but there was fun and games afterwards..its a cool place!!every local band should try get a gig!!anyways..whats to come- we have a gig in harleys again on the 18th of Sept..so every1 better come this time!! "URIE"...we have another gig on the 28th of Sept in carluke UC (street level)..should be a good gig..and its gonna be a punk nite!!so we are lookin forward to that...then we are in the studio again on the 2nd and 3rd of October to record 2-3 new tracks to add to our cd!!so watch out for that!!then finally the big gig..the 4th of October in Hamilton Grammar School!!this is gonna be 1 of the best gigs of the year..no doubt..lots of bands,lots of fun,lots of noise...anyways...we have a gig on halloween somtime with loads of bands..ill keep u updated on that..1nce i know more about it..anyways...if anythin else happens ill keep ya updates on the new mailin list..have fun!! :)

02/9/01: New mailing list added..so if you are to lazy to sit and wait for the site to get updated then i suggest you join..we will probably only send an email out everymonth unless something really good happens...which probably wont..so dont worry about us cloggin up your email account with dumb stuff..its simple to unsubscribe if you feel the need..the review is also up now..so if you havent seen it then i suggest you go now..we will be adding a reviews page onto the site within the next few weeks..so watch out for that..we have also lost a true rhody colin "slug" mcewan...after he took a joke way to serious...so if anyone wants his job then please get in touch with us..we pay very good money..anyways..we hope to see you all at the Starka Bar gig in Motherwell with brutal goose!!we will also be goin into the studio to add 2 or maybe 3 more tracks to the cd..ill keep ya updated on that..anyways.have fun ;)

29/8/01: Ok the Harleys gig on the 18th of Sept is a deffinet...i have just been informed there is a notice on the door already at Harleys..we wont be headlingin this one so if ya wanna see us you will have to get there as soon as you can coz we will probably be on pretty early..the set will just be the same for anyone that was listenin last time but with a new track added..there wont be any geetar smashing this time sorry..we have been reviewd by punkinternational this week..its not up yet but it will be any time now..so keep checking..we are really exited about this review because the site has reviewed and interviewed bands such as "Millencolin,Satanic Surfers,Snuff, cough cough Sum 41" and many more top bands that we love...so hopefully we will get alot of response from it..we maybe (and i mean maybe) releasin a full length album with Milliepeed Records sometime next year..ill keep ya updated...but go and check the site anyways coz G is making it for them..anyways..we shall hopfully see you all at Starka bar next thursday!
have fun.... :)

26/8/01: New past and upcoming gigs have been updated(check em out on the gigs page)nothing much to update on...ross is at glasgow green and stu is in leeds...we are getting our cd reviewd again by another site...thats all im sayin..ill keep yas updated on that one as soon as we know more...REMEMBER 6th of September(to all those older lookin kids)we have a gig in Starka bar (formally known as "Bar One")...we will be selling cd's again..and should have more copys this time..so if ya missed out on a cd at the last show then now is your chance...anyways...hope to see you all there!!have fun :)

22/8/01: Pics finally added of the harleys gig...thanx for every1 who came to see us and bought the cd..and sorry to all the people that couldnt get their hands on the cd...we will bring more next time...great gig..maybe not great instrumental,but good lively performance...esspecially when G jumped on his geetar...anyways...next gig starka bar(bar one) 6th of september...so i hope to see u all there again...a big thanx to the main man of the nite colin for helpin us set everything up and taking the pics...cheers man...colin and deejay t-shirts cuming soon.. ;)

19/8/01: Gigs page has been updated...with 3 new shows..so go check that on the gigs page...Deejay has also agreed to be the MUFF manager..thanx dude!!and colin has also agreed to be the official MUFF rhody!!cheers dude!!----------------->
G and Stu are plannin a holiday over in Canada in a few weeks...and we might try go around venues and book a mini tour...(well actually i just made that part up just now...)but its a cool idea and im gonna do it anyways...anyways...remember Harleys Tue 21st!!!be there!!and bring money coz the demo will be on sale at 1 each!!!anyways...have fun..see ya.. :)

17/8/01: New MUFF site is finished...and i promise you it wont be changing again anytime soon...we have been taking sometime out from gigs recently as you might have noticed,so we could focus on getting our cd recorded and teaching ross our bass parts...but as promised we are back!!and with avengence!!!we  already have 5 gigs lined up with in the next few weeks...and will have more to come..and we are hoping to tour over in Canada next summer...we have also had our cd reviewd by the lurvly people at Cloud9 and we are more than happy with the outcome..thanx guys..(click here to read the review)...hope you enjoy the new look site...have fun...P.S. we will be selling our cd at gigs priced 1 each..so you can afford to buy 3