27/10/01: Hey! MILL004, My Dad Joe/ Reason 69 split CDEP is now out! You can pick it up on the merch page for a mere £4.50, post paid! And also, The Milliepeed comp should be out by the end of November after far too many delays! IF anyone has the contact details for independent shops who might be interested in stocking our stuff, then mail me or g to the message board, even just a name and place will do and i'll try directory enquiries!

9/10/01: OK! We’ve been lazy for a while, but here’s the latest in the Milliepeed world! October 10th sees the launch of My Dad Joe and Reason 69’s split CDEP ‘Hey Kid! D’you like punk?’ There’s also a launch gig on the night, at Time in Harrow! As soon as they’re in you’ll be able to get them mailorder through Milliepeed, and once we get our act together, through www.interpunk .com and www.punkunknown.co.uk, for those into the internet oredering side of it all! As for the comp CD, there’ve been even more delays, but fingers crossed, expect it for the beginning of November! Plus, when I get it all sorted, the gigs page should be updated, so go check out the bands!


16/9/01: Hey! Ok, the first Milliepeed competition is up and running! To win CDs, vinyls and stickers, just join the mailing list!! Your're automatically entered once you're confirmed on the list!
Also, in the next month, 3 fantastic Milliepeed products should be hitting the streets! The comp '7 Ways To See The World' should be out, as should the My Dad Joe/ Reason 69 split CDEP and the Reason 69 CDEP 'P.T.D.'These are all top of the range punk investments, so once they're out, head over to the merch page for the joy of mailorder and submerge yourself in bliss... Anyway, there are also still plenty of the Chinkees vs Fire Apple Red vinyls ( with the cunning choice of green, blue, yellow, orange or pink covers!) hanging around so why not order one of them while you're at it?!?


02/9/01: Sign up for the Milliepeed mailing list for news on shows and releases as soon as they're known. Plus, Reason 69 will now be releasing their debut EP, 'P.T.D.' on Milliepeed- go check out the releases page!

25/8/01: Welcome to the Milliepeed Records!There are some gaps to fill in but will be filled as soon as humanly possible,There are still lots of The Chinkees Vs Fire Apple split 7" flying around and it wont be long till you can order them online,which is damn nice.Most improtantly,its about a month  now untill the first Milliepeed Comp. "7 Ways To See The World" with 7 bands from all over Europe:Boneweary(Sweden),TurtleHead(Scotland),BeerBong(Italy),SpyHole
(Germany),DxPxAx(Israel), and Muff(Scotland).There is 3 tracks by each band,many of them unreleased and for only a fiver you cant go wrong!anyways..also coming out soon "Touch Wood" is the My Dad Joe/Reason 69 CDEP which has been in the pipe line for months with little action and the Useless ID/Travis Cut split 7" with more unreleased fun!
So the next couple of months should be pretty fun- stay tuned for the complete website and thanx to G from MUFF for doin this site coz poor ol' computer illiterate me would have been pretty screwed-

   "Hey Kid D'You Like Punk?"
My Dad Joe/Reason69 Split CDEP
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