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03 June 2002:  Hey people!wow..its been a while since we updated the site sorry!we are now out the studio with a new 5 track cd!we had such a good time recording them and think the cd has turned out really well!a big thanx to the main man Bone for recording us at the Washoose Studios in Crawford John!the track listing for the cd is as follows- I'm Sorry , Reemo , Themes Of Change , Set The World and Dumb Kid (re-done)..(Click HERE To Download Some Tracks)..we wont be putin all the tracks online this if you want to hear all the tacks then u will have to get the cd!!well thats all for now..just time to thank everyone who came the Cathouse show!it was a good gig and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!anyways..have fun people!