Database Integration project

What's here


This is a simple library to encapsulate database access. Its objectives are twofold:


The library and source is made available under the GNU Public Licence, so you may use and modify it subject to some restrictions. For further information read COPYING.txt or visit the GNU site.

Getting started

If you are running in an application you will want to interact with the GenericDBProxy and if you are running in a J2EE environment, where you can 'lookup' DataSources you will want to use the DataSourceProxy. These classes provide methods to accept and return Collection classes which are much easier and tidier to use than the raw java.sql classes. Specifically, queries return ArrayLists of TreeMaps where each TreeMap holds name-value pairs representing a database row.

Both of these classes employ the DatabaseProxy and DBUtils behind the scenes. You may also use these classes yourself, but some of the advantages of the library are lost as you have to manage connection creation and closing yourself.


The library makes use of the Log4J logging toolkit, which you will need to obtain from The Apache Foundation.


Build version v1.3
Compiled code dbtools.jar