~*Official FAQ*~


   A FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions. I suppose that it could also stand for Finish Apple Queen, but here, the first meaning is more right. Except that the questions haven't exactly been asked. Let alone frequently. Um... Ok. I confess. In truth, it's just a list of questions I made up because I thought that you might want to know what on Earth the whole website is about.


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You might be wondering who the council is conformed of. And who I am. And who the other people on the front page are. And why I wear a jellyfish for a hat. And if any of us have clever catch phrases. And why the Council of Eleven only has eight members. And where the loose socks go to. And if I have any Grey Poupon. And why this section of questions that you are thinking of is so long. Now, it's up to me and the gang to answer all your questions!


Who's in the council to date?

    Jellyfishwoman, Random Ability Girl, Q-Tip, Spleen Boy, The Un-Evil Ninja Turtle, Coffee Stain, Mr. Bubble, Time Obsessed Man, Your local representitive of the bureau of P.W.G.S.T.P, SPORK!, and the Munchkin Queen.

    More information is available at the Temporary Brief Character Introduction. Eventually, each member of council will have a webpage shine devoted to him or her.

Why do you need my ideas?

    Because we do. The council is always evolving and we need new members. Fresh meat, don' cha know.

Why eleven?

    Why not? Besides, we wanted to have about ten, but we needed an odd number to prevent political deadlock. Anyways, The Council of Nine sounds WAY too menacing for our purposes.

Do you have catchy (i.e.: tacky) catch phrases?

    Most of us... One second while I go find a list... Aha! Here we are! Yes. Five of us have spiffy catch-phrases.

*sweatdrop* Mind sharing?

    Jellyfishwoman: Prepare to feel the sting... of JUSTICE!

    Random Ability Girl: Shame! Shame upon you! Hang your head in shame!

    Q-Tip: I will swab up evil!

    Spleen Boy: Spleeeen POWER!!!

    The Un-Evil Ninja Turtle: I have a gun. various non-violent items.

    Coffee Stain: . . .

    Your local representative of the bureau of P.W.G.S.T.P.: Get out of my office before I shove this briefcase where you don't want it to be!!

Does anyone have special weapons or attacks?


Could you tell us your attacks?


Do so?


    Jellyfishwoman: Jellyfish Bombs. And I throw my hat at people when they make me really angry.

    Random Ability Girl: As the name implies, I have no control over my attacks... They just sort of-     happen.

    Q-Tip: I control the razor-sharp Q-Tip of DOOOOOOOM!!

    Spleen Boy: Spleen Power is my attack.

    The Un-Evil Ninja Turtle: I have a gun. various non-violent items.

    Coffee Stain: . . .

    Mr. Bubble: Bubble Headache! Graaaaaah!!

    Your Local Representative of PWGSTP: I can invoke all the omnipotent powers of P.W.G.S.T.P.

    Munchkin Queen: I can yell really, really, really loud

Could you share some information about how you came across your superpowers?

    We can, but we won't. It's really too long to tell all our stories here. Soooo... Go to the stories page! There's a link at the bottom of the page! Yay!

When will the council picture be updated?

   When more people send in ideas, of course!

Will you marry me?

   Not likely. However, if you send money... No. I kid. I'm not going to marry you.

Can I be a member?

   Go see the main page! ^_^ Of course you can join, just e-mail me your ideas!

Can I ask you anymore questions?

    No. I hereby conclude this FAQ... for now!


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