New in 2004 -

We got a website now.  It is not completely finished of course, but has made great progress.  The website is all in black and white for the simple reason that do not like any colors.  They are the work of bad things.  Anyways, we play good music that everyone should listen to!

These are the new things for two thousand fo'!
1.  News Page
2.  Bios Page
3.  Music Page
4.  We have a tour page now.
5.  We sell merch(andise).  It is up for buying.

Thank you and have a blessed evening

The Enbruntrz Family
March 10, 2004
We've got a few new thingers today.  We now have an "
Other Activities" page which you should visit as well as a new MP3 on our music page.
April 8, 2004
There haven't been many updates in a while.  Nate and I are going to Chicago on April 27 for some interior design and photography classes.  We'll try to bring some instruments up with so we can jam.  More news on that later. 
Anyway, feel free to email us at  We would really appreciate that.  We'll decide sometime in the near future where we are going play in Chicago.  It will probably be Michigan Avenue, so you can get ready for that.  As of now, tickets will not be necessary, as we will not be playing at a large venue of any sort.  But that could change if we get a gig, say at a restaurant.  More details later.
We've also got some new merch.  Click the merch link on the side to view it.
David & The  Rest of the Enbruntrz Family
April 23, 2004
Well, as most of you know, we never made it to Chicago.  I'm not quite sure why fell through, but it did indeed happen.  Anyway, Aaron's bio should be up soon.  I'll see him this weekend and annoy him into doing it. HA.  Not really.  Hope you have a blessed day.

                                                            David - Enbruntrz
May 3, 2004
There is some new merch up on the website.  It is good looking stuff.  Click the merch link on the sidebar to see it!

                                                            David - Enbruntrz