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Post your notices here by emailing with the subject being "Post my Notice". Also we are back! Be glad I'm doing this now because I don't always have time to do it. Crystal Dreams is coming back! Oh...this is to Forgotten Memories Awards if you're looking for the code...scroll down to "Favorite Links". That's where it is you cant miss it. I add the new ones at the bottom search that whole section. I'm working on a new layout so it'll be a while till I update the parts of the site that aren't on the splash page. Oh...this board will only appear here. The tables for the layout descriptions are different. They're just the same coding. Oops! I forgot to give credit to Clow Magic That's where I learned the coding for this board/table. Also the free scrollbar codes were generated here. Wanna advertise but, dont have the money. Do it here just email me but, you have to do me a favor, advertise me in return. That's what I'm doing. I'm advertising Forgotten Memories so I have a better chance of getting advertised there. This is also where I got this idea. Which means you have to advertise them to. You MUST use a banner or button. You can get one here. Not hard try me.



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