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Join us for an adventure in the only neighborhood made by children, for children.

Community Leader & Centers of the EnchantedForest

If you are looking for more information about your community, click on your suburb below or visit any other suburb, and away we go.

EF Suburb Dell Glade
Cottage Tower Meadow
Palace Creek Fountain
Mountain Pond Arbor
Cove Kingdom

A Community Leader list is available at each of the Centers. Each Community Leader has been assigned an area to take care of. Please make sure you only write ONE Community Leader. If one isn't assigned to your area, please contact the Co-Liaison of that Suburb.

Below is a list of all our leaders in the EnchantedForest. We are very proud to have them join us and helping you in building "THE BEST" neighborhood in GeoCities.

Becky - cajunmama
Cookie - cookiefountain
Asst. Liaison
Ann - tmk.geo
Anne - ablondie102
Annette - starannette
Bari - bnirenberg
Barrie - petty_zoo
Becki - ef_crysania@usa.net
Ben - html5000
Bev - scarlett9
Catherine - capow99
Chele - me_sweety_pie
Cheryl - geofishingmom
Cory - coolstuffcom
Dan - sassylady40
Dana - wtp21.geo
Darlene - northsunshine_1999
Dave - jerry_the_mowse
David - winnie_006
Denise - the_original_denisey
Desiree' - babypeep
EmJay - grammyk
Heather -
Heidi - meggieluvsblue
JeanCarl - widdlepooh
JJ - js-page
Karen - 1newf
Kat - katskeep
Kathleen - kbulger
Kim - katwmn21
Kim - thevanaukens
Laurie - mrsrog
Laurie - turkeygrandma
Lesley - himmy1
Lilly - ftmffm
Lisa - 5geokids
Lysa - lysabg
Margaret - anne_frank_2000
Mari - vellisse
Martin - mbconnelly
Mary - peterbenma
Mauri - mauridgandy
Michelle - RainTiger1
Mike - kiwi_efcl
Miriam - inhisgrace
Monica - paslay
Nancy - nancy_d
Paula - caseyscorner.geo
Paula - crackermoore
Paula - sawgrass.geo
Phyllis - pcp_ef
Ramsey - reeds247
Rayden - lord_rayden
Robin - lilpooks
Ryan - upefcreek_cl
Sandy - kajunmomma41
Snow - snowaltz
Steve - efhl_cl
Suze - joyfulone
Thorsten - babietje
Tweety - tweety_tree