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Guide to the Enchanted Forest
Yahooligans EF Home
The Enchanted Forest
Join us for an adventure in the only neighborhood made by children, for children.

Enchanted Forest Guidelines

In addition to our regular Page Content Guidelines, GeoCities has established additional guidelines for our EnchantedForest neighborhood. These additions were created to make sure this neighborhood remains a safe place for children to homestead.

Please refrain from using your EnchantedForest Home Page for the following activities:

  • Using profanity or any vulgar language on your home page, membername, or directory listing.
  • Displaying images of semi-clothed people or any material inappropriate for children.
  • Providing links to any content not allowed in GeoCities and EnchantedForest.

If you ever identify content that is inappropriate for GeoCities or this neighborhood specifically, please fill out our new Content Violation Reporting Form immediately. If you have any questions regarding these or other GeoCities guidelines, please email us.

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