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Guide to the Enchanted Forest
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The Enchanted Forest
Join us for an adventure in the only neighborhood made by children, for children

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest Visitor Center

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest, the only neighborhood built for kids, by kids. Our neighborhood is carefully watched over by our Community Leaders. This insures that children will be safe within the Forest. If you have questions or concerns, our Community Leaders are always here for you. We work very hard to maintain a safe and fun atmosphere in the Forest.

If you are unfamiliar with building a webpage, we offer many means of help in the Enchanted Forest. We have the Enchanted Forest University so that you may learn at your own pace. We offer the help of our Community Leaders. Each block within the Forest is assigned a Community Leader that will answer any question you may have. We also have a wonderful committee, Helping Hands, that will work with you on a one to one basis so that you will have someone to help you learn the basics of HTML.

If you are looking for fun, the Enchanted Forest has just the thing for you! We have contests, project ideas, a newsletter about topics you want to see and so much more. Once you are settled, you may choose to join our Community Leaders. We work hard, but we have an equal amount of fun as well.

The most important thing we can offer though is security. Our Community Leaders are dedicated first and foremost to the children of the Forest and their safety. We not only search out sites that are inappropriate, but we also search children's sites and make them aware of safety issues concerning their pages.

We hope you will choose to join us, it is fast, simple, and the fun is guaranteed. Please feel free to tour our Community Centers, our webpages and Committee pages to see all the wonderful things we offer our members and guests. And when you are ready, we will waiting.

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