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Guide to the Enchanted Forest
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The Enchanted Forest
Join us for an adventure in the only neighborhood made for children, by children.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

Welcome to the EnchantedForest, home of the littlest GeoCitizens and some of the best homepages. This is a neighborhood for pages by kids, for kids - from animals to zephyrs, the Forest has everything that a young mind could need. This neighborhood is safe for anyone to wander through, and it's safe because of the dedicated Community Leaders who so generously volunteer their time to keeping it safe.

The Community Leaders, first and foremost, are here to keep everything in the Forest safe. They also run many committees and community centers. If you see something in the Forest that you think should not be there, please fill out the Alert form or e-mail a Community Leader.

There's all sorts of stuff to do in the Forest - kids and/or their parents can win awards, enter contests, and definitely build a homepage that will add to the Enchanted spirit. If you need a hand with your homepage, e-mail a Community Leader. We've got great graphics for your site, and all sorts of great stuff!

Please take the time to look around the Forest - we know you'll enjoy it.

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