Hi, my name is Kiersten. I am 3 years old. I love cute teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh and Veggie Tales. Mommy and I decided to make a site of things to do and see for us little kids and their parents. Hope you have lots of fun here! We are going to be putting new recipes and crafts in so come by often.


Well, lets go and have some fun with Mr. Puppy.....



Here I have fun stuff to go to draw, paint, color or be creative. Lots of messy fun things to do!

Faster than Mr. Turtle, here at Kiersten's Speedy Delivery, you can send a virtual card, a kiss, a hug, candy or other fun things to someone special. OR pick up a card!
Let's go and have some fun! Come and see some of my favorite things.

This is a special spot for my special friends. Do you want to be my friend? If you have a site thats safe for kids. Write my mommy and me.

If you want to cook something with a little help from mommy go here. Theres recipes just for kids here!

Bored with nothing to do?? Still?? Well here's some web Rings of some other sites to check out! Have fun!




I love getting mail and having my mommy or daddy read it to me. So if you want to write to me just click on Mrs. Goose and she will send it for you!


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