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Welcome to Upon A Star

Hello! Welcome to Upon A Star, a site just for kids! There is many fun and exciting things to do here, with alot more coming. To navigate around, click on one of the buttons on the lefthand side of the screen. Also before you leave, I'd really appreciate it if you would sign my guestbook with your comments, suggestions and even to say hi! I hope you enjoy this site!

I am an Enchanted Forest Community Leader now! Which means homesteaders in Enchanted Forest will be seeing more of me. And it also means that I am here to dedicate more time to help anyone who needs it, especially in my blocks - EnchantedForest Meadow 2500 to 2599. So feel free to email me at if you need any help at all!

Valentine's Day Upon A Star

Come celebrate Valentine's Day upon a star! There is a pile of great and fun stuff for you to do! Just click on the link above!

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