Hey my name is Tessa and this is my little page thingi that I'm just getting started so it's gonna suck for a little while til I refreshen my HTML memory. Geez, I haven't done that in a while....Anyways, if you want to know crap bout me...I'm like 14, and I'm goin to Niceville High School this upcoming year.Oh yay....Oh yea. I live in Niceville Florida, originally from Buffalo NY, thank God fer that cause other wise I might have turned out as a hick or something. IM me if you have AOL or AIM cause my screen name is TessaM13.
Tina the Troubled Teen
Uncle Hyman The Weather in Hell

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Friday the 13th

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Liquid Light

The fairy cast its crystal wand
Causing ripples in the sky's pond
Ever larger rings of light
Undulating in the night
Liquid dreams of light and color
Melt before our eyes in wonder
Is it real or fantasy?
Work of art or travesty?
Timing as the pyros planned
Magic that the fairies fanned
Tug of war 'twixed Heaven and Earth
Pyros versus phoenix mirth.

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Your moist, warm breath upon my skin Ignites a pulsing flame within. Words can't describe the burn I feel. My world is false, but you are real. One lasting taste, one fatal kiss Will leave me in eternal bliss. You know your power over me, So why prolong my misery? I can't withstand your deadly lure. My life is yours. Of that, I'm sure. So when you choose to seal my fate, It will be worth the gruelling wait.

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Hi! My name is James
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