Hi there, time for the bimonthly update ^_^ Of course before this it was the monthly update, and before that it was fortnightly and before that it was weekly... but you get the idea. ^_^ Hey, this site is a year old!! Well, it was... on the 15th last month. Otanjoobi omedetou gozaimasu, Fievel no Homupeeji!

So, I am out of the army and into college. College isn't as bad as army. Not nearly. After all, it's pretty cool to sit through whole series of lectures and not know what is being said. You get to do lengthly reports, perform meaningless labs sessions and... tutorials! How long have it been since I did a tutorial... or a test! I am always keen on new and interesting types of suffering.

The rest of the website is mainly cobwebs... haven't been updated for ages. Yes, I still play games, watch cartoons etc etc but you would find them on this site. Things are moving, however, at the Video Girl Ai M & A Resources Page. However, I feel obligated to update whenever new NIMH pages spring up and webauthors ask for links to their sites, or when ancient NIMH sites move to new homes. Believe it or not, there are now 2 new Paul Willams sites on the web! Y'know, the guy who sung Flying Dreams... You can find the links in my NIMH page. Also, Charlie's site (one of those ancient NIMH sites I was talking about) had moved, as did Mrs Brisby's Home. You can find details @ NIMH Links.

Sorry for boring you... that's what Kelvins do best. ^_^ See you in three month's time...

07 Sep 98

Video Girl Ai Manga and Anime Resources


28 Jun 98

2 Paul William fan sites linked up!
A couple of old NIMH sites moved.

28 Jun 98

A couple of NIMH Links updated.

22 Mar 98

Some ranting by yours truly.
A couple of new links added.

Other recent updates...


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