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C'est Moi!A Little About Me

:)I am a fifteen year old girl who attends a little school which I'm sure you've never heard of in a tiny rural town. I like to dance, sing, run, do gymnastics, hang out with my friends, party, and smile! I like almost any kind of music, whether it be rap, country, dance music, or oldies, just as long as it's clever, original, and fun!  I've collected almost all my images from around the web, under the assumption that they are all public domain.  Therefore, I don't mind if you use them, unless, as in the case of some of my gymnast photos, they are copyrighted (then you should get permission from the copyright holder, e-mail me for help!). I am a major fan of Kim Zmeskal and other gymnasts. I would love to exchange e-mail with anyone from anywheres, so send me an e-mail if you'd like to correspond!  I also have ICQ, so send me a message if ya wanna chat at 42101083.   I have an older brother who is an avid net surfer like me, who moved out and is renting a house with his friends. Right now he's hanging out and working at a local tv station.  I also have an older sister. She's currently attending Cornell University, and and keeping in touch with her fav lil' sister(ME!).  My fam took a trip to Australia in the beginning of the summer, cuz my sister began a semester of study abroad down under then!  It was a wonderful trip, the Aussies were very nice. =)

Here's my Pet rock:

Isn't my Netbaby cute!?!?:

Jumping BetsySchool Sports

    Since I'm in 10th grade at our school, I've been doing team sports. For the past four years I've been on the cross-country and track teams. Although I'm never the fastest runner on the team, I do pretty well, and have a lot of fun. Hurdlers rule! I enjoy the comradery of the teams above everything else.  I'm also a cheerleader!  When I was younger, I attended the bulk of our high school b-ball teams games, so I guess the school spirit was kind of engraved in my head already.  =)  I'm co-captain of the varsity squad this year. Go Bulldogs!
    For this spring, I've decided to give up track, and I'm back doing gymnastics!  It's so much fun, I'm really glad I made the decision to switch.  I won't forget about my track girls though-- luvya guys!! =)

My Pets -dedicated to Mr. Baron ;-)

    Since, I live out in the country, it just seems fitting that I have six chickens!  My chickens are all a little more than two years old. Five of them are hens, and one is a rooster. They supply us with more eggs than we would ever need, but we don't sell them, nor do we plan to butcher our chickies : ) They really are pets, and not your average farm animal. Previously, we owned a flock of Silver Spangled Hamburgs(black and white chickens), but they are all deceased now. Five of them gave hawks a lovely dinner, while two ran off to join the circus. The brown chickens we own now are the second batch we've owned. Hopefully these birds will survive longer that our first flock did!   =)
    For Christmas, we got a new kitten!  It's a little black tiger cat, and absolutely adorable.  We named her Y2K, but generally call her "tookie".  =)  She's very playful, and into just about everything at this point!


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    E-mail Me! If you have any comments, tips, or questions, e-mail me!  I would love any suggestions for re-vamping my site- I know it's gotten boring! =p  Please help...


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