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Welcome to the future home page of Lee County Elementary School. We are located in Leesburg, GA. We hope to offer many good things for you in the future. In the mean time, why don't you check out our great list of links at the bottom of the page?

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Fantastic Fifth Grade
Super Sixth Grade
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Principal's Pride
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Links to other sites on the Web

Sesame Street
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Beakman and Jax
Newton's Apple
Reading Rainbow
The World of Lisa Frank
Pennywhistle Traveling With Kids Book
Jumprope Rhymes
The Magic School Bus
Chantessy's Page of Fun!
Lee County Primary School
Kidpub Lots of great stories for children of all ages
Spectrum: The Family Internet Magazine
Candlelight Stories Illustrated children's stories online
Parents and Children Together Online
NetVet and the Electronic Zoo
Sea World and Busch Gardens
Tour of the Nine Planets
Global Show and Tell an online gallery of children's websites and artwork
The Best of Kidopedia
SAFE-T-CHILD Online Child safety tips for parents
International WWW Schools Registry
The Smithsonian Institution Also contains links to several museums
Internet Public Library Youth Division
KIDLINK Worldwide Computer Art Exhibition
Jamestown Rediscovery
The World of the Vikings
Historic Mt. Vernon
Age of Sail Page All about sailing ships of old
CELLS Alive!
Cyber Jacques' Cyber Seas Treasure Hunt Games and puzzles
The Dinosauria
Crayola All about crayons!
Stein's Virtual Insectary Do you like bugs?
The Natural History Museum In London
The Particle Adventure:An Interactive Tour of the Inner Workings of the Atom and the Tools for Discovery
Concertina Children's books online
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Kidzpage! Poetry and Verse for Children of All Ages
Warner Bros. Animation
Children's Literature Web Guide
International Kids' Space
Kids' Web
Positively Poetry
Sports Illustrated For Kids Online
KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
KidsCom:An Educational and Entertaining Playground for Kids Ages 4-15 (includes parent section)
The Pooh Pages by Katie Prunka
The Page At Pooh Corner
Tales of Wonder
Welcome to the Planets
The White House for Kids
Yahooligans:a good starting point for kids and parents
Snoopy's Dog House

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