Maeve Silvermoon

"How sweetly lies old Ireland

Emerald green beyond the foam,

Awakening sweet memories,

Calling the heart back home."

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Thank you so much to all of the Committee of the Enchanted Forest and especially my wonderful CL LuckyStar for these wonderful awards! It means such a lot to me and it made many a faerie heart smile! Now I am very proud having received the new Enchanted Forest Award of Excellence! Many many heartfelt thanks to LuckyStar and Julie! You both are simply wonderful! Thank you straight from my heart also to AngelDove for the Squire of the Forest Award! And to all of you involved: huge hugs!!!

Lord Barry of the Secret Sídhe

This Realm is protected by my Noble Knight Lord Barry of the Secret Sídhe. So please refrain from doing any harm for he is the bravest and strongest of knights a lady can ever rely on!

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That wonderful logo above was a gift for me from Dave, a delightful gentleman and very honorable knight. He created it exclusively for me so please do not take it away. He has truly touched my heart with all his warmth and kindness!

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