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Here are the two prints I have made of my political paintings, They are signed and numbered.and The Book illustrations I have finished. The illustrations are in regards to a story about a bull dog. All the dog illustrations are done in Acrylic on Illustration Board. The Macon Sketchbook illustrations are done in watercolor on paper.

The American Chaos Prints are 16x20 and are signed and numbered $20.00

The Iraqi Freedom Prints are 16x20 and are signed and numbered $20.00

This is the new book I have illustrated, 'Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog', and you must buy one, it is very well written, and any animal lover will enjoy this book, and like Harry Potter, it is fun to read by young and old alike!

Lita Eitner-England’s(website www.bullmina.com)first children’s novel about Bulldogs takes place in England during the 1830’s. This book is wonderfully illustrated by Leslie Hoops-Wallace. Taken away from an ideal life on the Duke of Chathamworthshire’s estate, Bullmina is forced to breed champions for the greedy Fortie Billingsley. When Fortie's head trainer, Andrew Cameron is ordered to kill the Bulldog, he makes a heart-wrenching decision and sets her free. Abandoned in London, Bullmina learns to live by her instincts. Bloody and near death, she is rescued by eleven-year old Lisette St. Germaine. Lisette falls in love with Bullmina only to have her heart broken when Bullmina is stolen by greedy thieves and forced to fight in the dogfight pits. Bullmina's triumph becomes the triumph of dogs everywhere because they will never be forced to fight in the dogfight pits again. With rich, complex characters, Eitner-England paints a realistic picture of the miserable conditions dogs had to endure. The book is also about the decisions people make and the consequences of those decisions. Realizing that owning a dog can be expensive and time-consuming, Eitner-England has included a section at the end of the book with thoughtful questions about ownership and rescue should any of her readers decide to rescue a dog themselves.
To order this wonderful book please clik on this address: http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=21592

This is the new Macon Sketch Book, and you must buy one! I have two illustrations in this book. It has some great watercolor paintings. A must see! Get one at your local Bookstore, or click on the illustration to view it on the publishers site. The Foreword is by Chuck Leavell The main writing is about Macon’s Ocmulgee Heritage by Conie Mac Darnell. Captions by James E. Barfield The best part are the Paintings by Macons Local Artists, Featuring the Art of Sterling Everett a wonderful illustrator! Here are my paintings...
This watercolor illustration appears on page 11

This watercolor illustration appears on page 68

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