Unicorns Quest Illustration

Art by Leslie Hoops-Wallace
Here are some of my Wildlife paintings Some are for sale, call me if you would like to buy one, or would like me to do something special for you! 478-929-2263

Acrylic on Canvas of a Cheeta and cubs

Acrylic on Canvas of horse'e eye 5x7 $40

Acrylic on Canvas of a Snow Fox $40 5x7

Acrylic on Canvas close up of cat eyes. 5x7 $40

Acrylic on Canvas of a horse and abstract background. $500

Acrylic on Canvas $900.00 2'x3'

Acrylic 16x20 $200.00

Acrylic on Canvas 16x20 SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas 11x14 Sold

Acrylic on Canvas Sold

Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas Donated to Weekend for wildlife.

Acrylic on Canvasboard Jaguar.(Sold)

Watercolor of a Mule Sold

Watercolor of Buggy Horses in Savanna SOLD

Watercolor of a buggy in Savanna, GA SOLD

Acrylic Painting of a Lions life.SOLD

Acrylic Painting of a Tigers Life.SOLD

acrylic Painting of a Panthers Life.$400

Acrylic painting of an eagles Family backed by the Flag $400

Watercolor of a Zebra.SOLD

Watercolor of a Sea Turtle sold

Watercolor of a Squirrel SOLD

Acrylic painting of a bear found on Robins AFB. $400

I Graduated from the Academy of Art College
in San Francisco in 1986 and have a Bachelors Degree in Illustration. (Click on College to go to their site)




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