Hi my name is Lisa B. Goode, but you can call me Lisa B.
This is my cottage and it is open to all the kids on the Internet.
I have my broom because I have been busy cleaning up
the Enchanted Forest, making it safe for kids to play in.
I am a community leader in the Enchanted Forest. That 
means I am here to help! I want to help you make a 
great web page and have lots of fun on the Internet.
So what are you waiting for, go see what's in 

Meeooww, my name is Patches. I help Lisa B.
make web pages. We have lots of great
tips for you to use and some graphics for you too!
Just give me a scratch behind the ears and I'll show you.
Family-Friendly Site
SafeSurf Rated All Ages
Hi my name is Puck. I'm not much of
a song bird, but I know a good midi when I
hear one. I'll show you all the midis for kids
that Lisa B. and I have collected
and give you some tips on adding them to your
own web page. Just give me a click.

Greetings, my name is Pixie. I help Lisa B. keep
the Enchanted Forest a safe and fun place to play.
But my favorite thing is to give awards! So if you
have a really great page or know someone else
who has really great page, you can apply for my award.
Grab my magic wand and come with me.

Check out what's here at my cottage!
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 This is a place for learning about web pages and seeing how much
fun you can have on the Web.
If you have any questions you can e-mail me,
Lisa B.
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