My Horses

Since I started in 1998 its been about horses.. now its April 12, 2004.. I thought I'd update it a bit. So were under construction!!! and now its March 9,05 and still not updated.. oh well *LoL*.. now its August 30, 2005 now its January 11, 2007 and I have moved (a year ago) to


This is my favorite horse "Hustle".. he barrel races and does it all!! Jumping, dressage, barrels, poles, showmanship, english... Unfortunatly its time for me to sell him to help pay for school. Want to learn more about him? CLICK HERE

I sold this horse in Janurary 2005 to help pay for school.... bye-bye lil buddy.... your AWESOME! He is the best western pleasure horse I have ever had


Winter's Scarlet Angel - she will be 21 years old on April 28,2006. The horse was stolen from me by my little sister. Its funny how that works....

Winter's Scarlet Angel's baby Majiknmoshin (Majik).. Its time for me to work on him and get him going!

THIS IS ME!!!!!!

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